Shark NV400 vs NV500: Which one the best?

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Before more advanced models come to the market, like NV800s and NV900s, the older models are the ones making Shark become one of the leaders in the vacuum industry like it is nowadays. And, the series contributing hugely to Shark’s success are NV400s and NV500s. These series offer power, feature-rich options, and sleek designs. Today, I will introduce the firstborn children in each family. If you are looking for average-priced machines, Shark NV400 vs NV500 are wise choices.

Shark NV400 vs NV500: Comparison and Review

Currently, Shark NV500 is one of Shark’s new warriors. In other words, it is an improved version from Shark NV400. After hearing feedback from customers, Shark has studied and upgraded NV400 to create a more complete version. Therefore, I want to compare these two products to see how Shark has revised its product. Does the Shark NV500 have better quality than the other? Let’s find out more.

The Design

In particular, the NV500 doesn’t stand out much, but when I ranked it with the NV400, I appreciated it more. The design is quite different, showing that Shark intervened a lot. However, Shark remains red and white on both vacuum cleaners. Shark NV500 looks a bit more favorable, but in terms of height, it loses to NV400. Height is the advantage that many customers will like when it makes them less bent. The point is that they both have long cord makes the work easier. Besides, transparent dirt cups also help you know whether it is full or not to empty it.

The Portability

According to dimensions recorded from Amazon, the Shark NV500 is a little heavier than its previous version. However, this data also shows that they are all classified as heavy vacuum cleaners. 16 to 21 pounds is not a small number, so users may find it a little difficult to pull/pull them. However, Shark has set them to the steering wheel to ease the weight burden. Therefore, you will not have to bother much more. Besides, it is flexible, cleverly avoiding large objects in the house. Moreover, They all have a long stretch hose for doing more tasks. This tool helps to clean out all the places. This is convenient when you just plug it one time. In Shark NV400, we didn’t see the wheels, but in the new version, it came out. It has 4 wheels that can be rotated 360 degrees to easily change direction.

The Cleaning Performance  

What we’re curious about is how do they work, how do they upgrade? Can they solve the indoor dirt? What is it special to have to buy it? … A series of questions are posed, now let’s find out.

The Features:

  • A good vacuum needs a dust filter. And Shark to bring us AACS technology and HEPA filtration system. Dirt will no longer be a concern for everyone. It can absorb nearly 100% of dirt while purifying the air makes you more comfortable. For allergy sufferers, They are one of the good options for them.
  • Both are good options when it comes to a swivel steering for quicker, more agile maneuvering. However, as mentioned above, the new version has additional headlights to facilitate cleaning up dirt in low-light places. At this point, the Shark NV500 is slightly better than its brother. Both help these vacuum cleaners avoid obstacles, do not damage, bump into the furniture.
  • Next, a motorized brushroll still operates so excellently for the carpet to sweep out all the dirt. Nevertheless, a long cord is also a highlight point for making people take more attention. This will make you expand the cleaning surface for not moving much when you feel tired.
  • Besides, Both create a powerful suction to clean on the floor types in your home. They dig, search, and collect all the dirt no matter how they hide.
  • Never Lose Suction is one of the factors that help them deeply clean surfaces. You do not need to care if it is interrupted suddenly. It ensures sufficient suction power and intensity for the entire cleaning process. Therefore, no matter how stubborn the dirt is, it cannot be escaped.

The Difference:

  • However, Shark NV500 has 3-in-1 mode while NV400 has only a 2-in-1 function. Therefore, you can also guess that Shark NV500 will take on more tasks thanks to the features it has. Due to the upgraded version, Shark has built more functions to complete the NV400 version. It is full of an upright, detachable canister and convenient as a smart vacuum cleaner.

The Price

As Amazon shared, you have to pay more money for Shark NV500. Of course, there’s a good reason the Shark NV500 is more expensive. It has a 3-in-1 working mode, has headlights and wheels that support cleaning. Therefore, do not fret when spending a larger amount to buy it.

Shark NV400

Shark NV500

The Feedbacks

Shark NV400 is a version with shortcomings, but for many people, it is still great. It received 4.2 stars, which proves it is still a vacuum cleaner that can meet the requirements of many customers. The suction power it creates is still enough to make users happy. According to many contributors, it still lacks lights and wheels to work more smoothly.

After the upgrade, Shark NV500 is the much-welcomed version. It has 3-in-1 mode so that users can flexibly use the functions when cleaning. Besides, many people believe that adding lights and wheels makes them much more comfortable and reassuring. Even more, people have become harder to clean their homes thanks to this vacuum cleaner.

The Conclusion

In short, according to what them show, NV500 is highly appreciated both in form and quality. New features have helped it reach a large number of potential customers, increasing sales. It is because of this upgrade that everyone can consider to make an appropriate decision. They are not good at one point will be good at another.