Shark NV400 vs NV501 : Which One Is The Best ?

When buying a new vacuum cleaner, chances are you’ve run out of the name of the Shark than once or twice. Shark vacuums across markets, including a vacuum cleaner, compact handheld vacuum cleaner upright strong, stick convert into 2-1 vacuum and robot type. Shark NV400 vs NV501 are two of the best models of this brand with high quality. To see how they work well, I will introduce them with much information I collect and research.

The Shark Rotators clean a larger home, and they have some features which Rocket and Navigator have not. The rotator model is a 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner that we use as a mobile cleaner, a vacuum canister, or an upright cleaner. They have deep carpet cleaning functions and attachments of edge cleaning, allowing you to clean carpet up the walls as well.

Shark NV400 vs NV501: Comparison and Review

Shark NV400 vs NV501 stands in a line of vacuum with official names as Shark Rotator Professional vacuum and Shark Rotator Pro Lift-away vacuum. Of course, they will have not only the similarities but also the differences as well as the pros and cons of making themselves great. However, the items are still great choices for excellent vacuum cleaners.

The Design

Shark NV400 vs NV501 have nearly similar in their appearance. Both of them are available in white and red combination. They are both best for cleaning carpet, pet hair, bare floor, and hardwood floor. They both have a cord length of 30’. Therefore, you move around freely and have more space to reach. Moreover, you don’t need to spend much time plugging or unplugging the cord. This job will fluently with swivel steering to reach a hard place and avoid obstacles. They have the same weight (15.6 pounds for NV400 and 15.8 pounds for NV501). Between the two models, only the NV501 is designed with the Lift-away function which allows you to clean stairs and smaller space easier than using an upright.

The Cleaning Performance

  • Shark upgrades its products by giving them swivel steering to go without difficulty aimings to defeat all the corners. moreover, they have other features like an anti-allergen complete seal.
  • HEPA technology always appears on this kind of Shark for making cleaning easy and getting the best result. Nearly 100% of allergen and dust inside the vacuum they trap. From that the air is always healthy and fresh.
  • They both are equipped with never lose suction technology. Shark NV400 vs NV501 guarantees you that there is no interruption during cleaning.
  • Both of them are equipped with pet power brushes. You use pet power brushes to remove hair from furniture and flooring.
  • Both models are equipped with the headlights which help you work in small spaces, dark areas, or around on furniture.
  • You see clearly that only Shark NV501 has a dusting brush and dirt cup for extending cleaning performance without interruption.
  • Both models are very quiet motor. The ultra-quiet operation due to the sound-reduction technology to bring peace to your house.  It operates so quite that no noise from the engine release to bother you and your family.
  • Both are very durable and easy maintenance. By use HEPA filters reused and washable, this leg is straightforward to maintain without wasting money to buy a replacement. Moreover, with five years of free warranty, you comfortably use this vacuum for many years.

The Portability

Regarding the weight, the Shark NV400 is a little lighter than NV501 (15.6 pounds and 15.8 pounds, respectively). Fortunately, the NV501 is designed with a lift-away function then you clean stairs, ceilings, and curtains easily.

The Price

The Shark NV501 is more expensive than NV400 but it is not a big gap for families of low and moderate afford to buy it. Even though the Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away Vacuum (NV501) cost more than the feet are not your ordinary shark, it’s highly recommended to use if you need something to in dust particles in your house. Customers are interested in conducting a comparison to decide which clean suits their taste for quality. Relative set, the Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away Vacuum (NV501) beats the rest of the design, features, and level of trust the manufacturers have put into it.

Shark NV400

Shark NV501

The Feedback

With so many innovative features from the Shark vacuum, vacuum straight drawbacks have disappeared. Now, consumers easily enjoy both tremendous and easy suction control for cleaning corners in just one machine. Thanks to the innovation, you save time and energy when cleaning. You take advantage of this time and energy for other jobs or relaxing. On average there are hundreds of Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away Vacuum (NV501) exist on the internet, this continuous vacuum rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is excellent, especially since we have never seen a vacuum there is a 5-star review. For Shark NV400, many users gave a lot of great compliments for it. You see some comments like “A good vacuum” “Reasonable price to buy” “Worth choosing”. Moreover, it presents its excellent ability to clean well on every surface. However, some users find it a bit difficult to change the belt.

The Conclusion

Shark NV501 vs NV400 are valuable tools around if you are an individual who enjoys quality. With a passion for using it is the only secret that will make use of it quite enjoyable. Because of the brand portfolio, it worth buying despite its price. On the market, there are others like vacuum cleaners that worked even better than it. Most exist in similar brands with its ability to empty or remove. Walk around the market, read reviews, and follow the manual if you find it useful.

If you have a lack of money, a variety of other tools on the market give you a better choice. Most people sadly run and then realized that this is the best they can. Try it! Some models greater than other types of vacuum, as you tell from the number of consumer reviews floating around the web, but it still challenges to know which model will work best for family and your lifestyle. Instead of choosing a random one foot off-the-cuff, or blindly choose a model that other people like, it is the right course of practice to think about how you will use a vacuum, identify essential features for you, and narrow down their collections until you find the perfect fit.