Shark NV42 vs NV22 : Which One Is Better?

If all you need are flexibility and low price, Shark NV42 vs NV22 are wise choices.

Just a few days ago, I have posted an article comparing Shark NV26 vs NV42. Today, I’ll put the NV42 next to another amazing unit, Shark NV22. Both of them belong to one of the best-selling series from Shark, the Navigator. The NV42 is very popular bagless upright vacuum cleaner. It is designed with extra-large transparent dirt bin, excellent suction, good air filtration and very affordable price. Meanwhile, the small vacuum NV22 is able to deliver excellent performance of its much larger and more expensive rivals. Actually, the NV22S and NV22L is the same machine and the letters that follow identify the different attachment package included with each vacuum.

Before digging into every details of these machines, let me talk a little bit about Shark Navigator. This is the well-known series which is advertised as being comparable to a Dyson. When it comes to carpet and bare floor, cleaning abilities of Shark Navigator are top notch. What’s more, the Shark Navigator is a multi-purpose vacuum, meaning that it has capability of both on-floor and above-floor cleaning tasks. Products in this series is well-suited to small apartments and homes, or as a second vacuum to clean multi-level homes.

Shark NV42 vs NV22 : Comparison And Review

Since both models come from the same series, it’s totally understandable they have many things in common. They are not on the best-selling list for nothing. Hundreds of positive reviews are evidences for their popularity. Let’s see whether they are worth your investment or not.

The Design

Luckily, Shark NV42 and NV22 are different from outside. It’s a relief that they are not identical, right? Firstly, their color may be the main factor assisting to distinguish Shark NV42 and NV22. While the NV42 comes with purple, gold and silver color, the NV22S is gold-silver and the NV22L is lavender. Another difference is their attachments which we will discover in a few minutes. All of them have slim design which is space-saving in small flats. Compared to the NV22, the NV42 seems to be a bit shorter, 46 and 35 inches respectively.

The Portability

Many modern models from Shark are equipped with Swivel Steering technology which allows you to move the machines around the house with ease. However, Shark NV42 vs NV22 don’t come with this masterpiece. Luckily, they are slim and not heavy so the maneuverability are acceptable. The similar weight of Shark NV42 and NV22 is around 15 pounds. According to feedbacks on the Internet, many people weren’t annoyed at all using these machines to clean on stairs.

The Cleaning Performance

They are not considered as one of the best vacuums from Shark for no reason. Although they don’t integrate several advanced technologies, they show a fantastic performance on a variety of floors.

  • Even though Shark NV42 and NV22 do not have super features like HEPA filters or Swivel Steering, Shark can’t leave them out when equipping those machines with patented Never Loses Suction technology. It is a well-known characteristic of Shark products. It guarantees the units won’s lose the suction during clean-up job. And, Shark makes sure the air flow will remain strong for years afterward.
  • Both Shark NV42 and NV22  allows you to turn on/off the brush roll. It is rewarding as you can turn it off if you’re vacuuming hardwood or bare floors so that those surfaces won’t get scratches around by the brush. Otherwise, with the brush on, you can easily pick up kitty litter, find sand and other particles.
  • Both models come with 1200 watts motor which is very good and use 25 feet power cord. It is long enough for most tasks at home, especially when you combine it with 11 feet stretch hose.
  • Even though Shark NV42 and NV22 do not come with HEPA level or air filtration, they are integrated with complete seal technology. It means that the air doesn’t leak out of the vacuum before it is filtered. Both models come with three mechanical filters which all are washable and able to reuse.
  • Between these two, only Shark NV22  has a pet hair power brush tool which is effective at removing pet and human hairs from rugs, couches, curtains, chairs and many other places.

The Accessories

Both Shark NV42 vs NV22 come with a few extra tools

offering more diversity for use:

Shark NV22 includes a crevice tool and a dusting brush. The NV22S has 5.5” crevice tool, 24” crevice tool, dusting brush and a pet hair power brush.

Shark NV42 is also equipped with 5” and 24” crevice tool, dusting brush, cleaning wand, pet hair power tool to clean off the upholstery.

The Price

Both Shark NV42 vs NV22 come with similar price tag, under $150. Thus, they will suite families with low- or middle-income.

Shark NV42

NV22 + NV22s

Shark NV22L

The Feedbacks

Up to 72% of customers on Amazon rated Shark NV22 5 stars. This figure is really impressive compared to others. People mostly commented on how powerful it was during cleaning process. In addition, many customers loved the lightweight design, the great suction and the capability of removing pet hair. However, a few people were annoyed by the noise.

The Shark NV42 receives pretty good feedback from its users on Amazon. It is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars. Many people called it a beast among others. In addition, they are totally satisfied and commented that they had never seen their house that clean before. However, there are a few who complained about the issue that it tended to tip over when using the attachments.

The Conclusion

All in all, Shark NV42 vs NV22 both have shown satisfying results so far. They come with many similar features and price. However, if you have animal friends at home, the NV22 may be a better choice.