Shark NV42 vs NV70: Which one the best?

Among famous brands, Shark is still a hot name that customers are interested in a lot. Moreover, its products have a high variety to meet all requirements from consumers. It also receives feedback from customers whether positive or negative, praise, or criticism. You can see that there are a lot of Shark products that have been refreshed after the application according to the feedback above. Therefore, today we will continue to talk about products from this brand. That is Shark NV42 vs NV70. To know more, please follow this article offline.

Shark Deluxe NV42
12 Reviews
Shark Deluxe NV42
Shark Navigator NV42 comes with Anti-Allergen Seal to remove the allergens from fresh air. Moreover, this item gets a big dust cup with the aim to contain much dust in cleaning.
Shark DLX NV70
4,175 Reviews
Shark DLX NV70
Shark NV70 uses a HEPA filter to filter and keep the dust and another particle in a big dust cup. Nevertheless, this model provides you several attachments to refresh the house in a different way that is suitable.

Shark NV42 vs NV70 Overview

Both are good candidates when it comes to quality vacuum cleaners. They are both very eye-catching and attractive with their ergonomic design. In addition, thanks to such design, users also find other features that are essential and convenient to use.


Shark NV42 vs Nv70 is very beautiful according to many reviews. Shark NV42 has champagne color while Shark NV70 uses gold/silver mainly. Also, both use a sizable dust cup in the middle. Thanks to that, you can clean the big room without having to empty the dust cup multiple times. In addition, the motor is neatly designed inside, ready for suction transmission after being plugged in. Furthermore, each type uses its own type of filter to perform the function of separating and keeping dirt. In particular, they are corded vacuums with fairly long strings but no cord rewind. Both vacuum cleaners have a long hose to cover large indoor areas.


You can clearly see the versatility as well as the portability of Shark NV42 vs NV70 through the details in the design. Specifically, the items are underweight, so carrying is not a problem. Furthermore, they have a fairly long power cord and hose to be able to work in large rooms with one plug. In addition, wheels are an excellent support tool for them to move quickly and smoothly on all types of surfaces. However, only Shark NV70 has an added swivel steering that allows you to rotate the wand to accommodate narrow corners or under furniture.

Shark NV42 vs NV70 Comparison

Shark NV42 vs NV70 both have positive traits to help the cleaning process go smoothly. They have the same weight, power cord – hose, and motor with suction. However, they also differ in attachments, filters with dust cups, and color-weight.


  • Shark NV42 vs NV70 is known for its pretty weight and compact body. In addition, this makes it easy to carry these machines from A to B. Furthermore, they use a power cord with a length of 25ft. Besides, their hose is also much longer than other types of 10ft. In particular, the items reach 9.25 cleaning path width. From here, it can be seen that both can clean in large rooms, moving comfortably in just one plug.
  • In addition, these vacuum cleaners take advantage of motors with 1200 watts and 10 amps power ratings, and thus they generate great suction power to provide for cleaning. What’s more, Shark has them set up Never Lose Suction – one of the best suction control technologies. It helps the vacuum cleaner to work with strong and continuous suction without any interruption.
  • Furthermore, these two models use a brush roller, also known as brush-roll shutoff. It’s set to on / off setting to effectively absorb carpet and hard floor. This is one of the convenience points that users are quite satisfied with. Hence, both are featured with this feature as it is good for indoor surfaces with the right mode.


  • Shark Navigator NV42 is a bit lighter weighing 14.8 pounds and a strong exterior design deluxe for dimensions 11.4 x 11.8 x 45.5 inches. Meanwhile, the Shark Navigator DLX NV70 is a bit heavier for weighing 15.2 pounds, and has a larger length of 11.4W x 12.2H x 45.5D. In addition, their appearance is also easy to distinguish based on color. Shark Navigator NV42 is light with Champagne color while Shark DLX NV70 is luxurious with gold/silver.
  • Next, you may notice that they have quite a large dust cup in the middle but there are differences. Shark NV42 has a dust cup with a 2.6-quart capacity that is twice larger than the normal Shark Navigator dust cup. While, Shark NV70 has a dust cup 2.9 quarts capacity, estimated to be 3 times larger than the normal Shark Navigator.
  • In addition, these two items use wheels for better mobility. However, only Shark NV70 comes with a swivel steering to facilitate working on the floor despite facing many obstacles. It also has an additional 2 cleaning wand to aid in cleaning.
  • In terms of filters, they all apply Anti-allergen seals to make the air cleaner. However, Shark NV70 uses the HEPA filter while Shark NV42 uses an Electret filter instead. Therefore, they will bring different effects.
  • In addition, both of these items utilize the pet hair power brush to deal with the pet hair, but these are also slightly different brushes. Besides, they use a 5.5 “crevice tool and dusting brush to handle dirt in corners and crevice. However, Shark NV42 takes advantage of the premium pet tool and wide upholstery tool. In this case, Shark NV70 utilizes an upholstery tool instead.

The Price

The Shark NV42 vs NV70 are still cheap products as they are priced under $ 200. Shark NV42 is cheaper with a difference of only 30 $. In addition, Shark offers a 5-year warranty package and accepts and answers questions at customer service.

Shark NV42

Shark NV70


According to the information above, Shark NV42 vs NV70 both bring many positive benefits as people desire. Shark NV2 will be a suitable choice if you like lighter, cheaper products. In contrast, the Shark NV70 is a bit more expensive but has a larger dust cap, a better filtering system, and is more versatile.