Shark NV500 Vs NV501: Which Best Vacuums Family?

When you look for famous and reputable brands of vacuum cleaners, Shark will be one of the names that appear at the top. This is so simple because this brand has had a firm position in the market when continuously offering beautiful products in appearance and good quality. Among them, Shark NV500 vs NV501 are two sibling vacuum cleaners and they always appear in the top-selling products. That is the reason that customers want to learn about both to choose the better. So, please follow this article to find out what you want to know about them.

Shark Rotator Professional NV500
11 Reviews
Shark Rotator Professional NV500
Shark NV500 comes with a good filtration system with the presence of a HEPA filter to remove nearly 100% dust and allergens. Besides, various attachments or tools help you do many tasks, especially great for carpet and hard floors.
Shark Rotator Professional NV501
12,251 Reviews
Shark Rotator Professional NV501
The combination of Anti-Allergy Seal technology and HEPA filter is one of the best features that Shark NV501 gets. Also, it comes with great swivel steering for running smoothly and easy to deep clean on carpet.

Shark NV500 vs NV501 Overview

Both are currently hot products with great attraction. They possess a beautiful appearance and high flexibility. This is what makes these two items attractive.


The design of Shark NV500 and NV501 has many similarities and slight differences. The first is that they both have very attractive looks, which is undeniable. They are bagless, so they use another tool instead, which is the canister. Furthermore, the items are all upright with neatly interconnected details. In addition, the inside has a filter to separate dust, the outside has more LEDs for illumination. In particular, they can be separated from Lift-away technology. There is one slight difference between the products, however, in terms of the color people can see. It’s the opposite when one item is white/red and the other is white/blue.


Next, we will discuss the portability of Shark NV500 and NV501. Users are often afraid to use bulky machines, but the two products today are quite light. Indeed, moving it is not as difficult as people think. In addition, they are designed to add a caddy with 4 caster wheels to help push them gently and without wasting energy or time. Therefore, you can work with them with the most flexible motion possible. This is also one way Shark responds to customer feedback. There are quite a few of its predecessor products that were not highly portable with the omission of the above factor.

Shark NV500 vs NV501 Comparison

When placing two products on the scale, people were very curious about their similarities and differences. In terms of similarity, of course, it will be designed, followed by technology, other tools, and filters. In addition, to distinguish each other, they have differences in salary-colors, attachments, and filters.


  • Firstly, we will look into the appearance of Shark NV500 and NV501. They come in bright colors and lightweight designs. This is an outstanding point that vacuums need to attract customer care. Besides, thanks to the lightweight feature, people can save in mind when delivering these machines.
  • Along with that, both of them come with swivel steering to make it more maneuverable. Moreover, the existence of caddy and caster wheels support users to use less energy to push/pull them for cleaning. Therefore, they can freely work with safety in mind.
  • This vacuum boosts the capability in keeping and solving dust and pet hair with a HEPA filter. Nevertheless, they are more excellent when applying Anti-Allergen technology to prevent allergen from air intrusion
  • Another is about their large dust cup. It reaches up to XL capacity with 1.3 quarts. There is a big space for holding much dust and pet hair during the session to reduce the time for emptying. Then, you can save more time to do another job.
  • Especially, these items can Lift-away the canister to be compact for vacuuming. This function helps to refresh and carpet and hard floor with the above space that you usually skip out for out of reach.
  • Nevertheless, they use a motor with 1200 wattage and 10 amps for generating the suction that is strong and powerful. Thanks to that, you can clean continually with no loss of airflow or suddenly stopping the suction.
  • Last but not least, these models get the same LED headlights on the nozzle. These lights take on illuminating the dart areas to clean for guarantee no dust can stay behind.


  • Though, They are all 500 series but also differ slightly in performance and usage time. In general, Shark Rotator NV501 is an upgraded version with better technology that combines with Hepa filter when compared to Shark Rotator NV500.
  • In addition, they differ greatly in use. Shark Rotator NV500 boosts its power through three modes like canister, Upright and pod lifting. Moreover, the appearance of HEPA filter helps to contribute effectiveness for its filtration system. Meanwhile, Shark Rotator NV501 is an upright vacuum 2-in-1 with Lift-Away and lightweight weight.
  • Furthermore, they get a good filtration system but rank in the different groups. In particular, Shark Rotator NV500 is so effective with a multi-level filtration system to capture all the dust and allergens. Whereas, Shark Rotator NV501 takes advantages of Anti-Allergen Seal technology with a good kind of filter – HEPA.
  • Besides, to deal with every edge and corner of your house, please use a crevice tool and dusting brush from these items. Moreover, each one has different tools to work more and effectively. Namely, Shark Rotator NV500 refreshes the house better with a pet power brush and brush-roll on/off. In this case, Shark Rotator NV501 does a good job with premium pet hair along with a wide upholstery tool.
  • Nevertheless, they get different power cords when we mention their length. Shark Rotator NV500 can take more space with a power cord 30 feet when Shark Rotator NV501 is a power cord 25ft. From that, you can reduce the time of changing the outlet to do another job.
  • At last, both of them get the same ultra-quiet technology but Shark Rotator NV501 is better when leaves a low level of noise than Shark Rotator NV500. It makes a good effect on other jobs and people.

The Price

Shark NV500 vs NV501 stand on the group of medium-range price vacuums. You just pay around 220$ to bring one of them to your house. They will bring many benefits for you so you can believe in them much. Besides, please update the new information for capturing the changes.

Shark NV500 

Shark NV501

Final thought

Honestly, Shark NV500 and NV501 are worth the amount of money you have to pay for buying. However, Shark NV501 is better when reaching 4.6 stars with thousands of customers who took part in rating. Moreover, this item is lighter and gets a great filtration system and more attachments than the other. It also comes from a SharkNinja manufacturer with a five-year (5) limited warranty.