Shark NV500 vs NV650 : Which One Is The Best?

Shark lies in the group of leading companies in the market right now. The brand is famous for offering a huge collection of that is good on “content and form”. Especially, most of its products are for low- and middle-income families. However, don’t ever doubt that cheap products come along with cheap features, at least it doesn’t happen to Shark models. This is proven by thousands of positive feedbacks on the Internet. Also, they always receive high rating on Amazon. After understanding the information below, you have dilemma to choose one of these, right? I would like to introduce two products of Shark: “Shark NV500 vs NV650. They are the products that sell so well in the market every day.  Quality and price are exempt from these cases.

Shark NV500 vs NV650: Comparison and Review

Between two items, Shark NV500 is the older one. After receiving customer feedback, Shark has improved the bugs to create a new version of Shark NV650. Newer version doesn’t equal better option. So I will help people to get a good idea of ​​them and how to make good choices. It will be such a waste if you can’t make use of all things they contain, right? Let’s see which one between Shark NV500 vs NV650 will fit into your house.

The Design

First of all, you won’t be confused with these two as they come with completely different looks. The NV650 has stronger image like a fighter with dark gray color. Whereas, the NV500 comes with white and blue. As compared to the NV500, the NV650 looks a bit more rough and fatter. In contrast, the NV500 is thinner and has the traditional look of other Shark upright vacuums. One of their similarities is the lift-away mode for more flexible cleaning job.

The Portability

When it comes to portability of the Shark NV500 vs NV650, we will first notice that is a long hose. Moreover, the cord is the same as 30ft that the experts say that it is enough. With these tools, you can freely clean in the big place and don’t have to plug the switch so much.  Moreover, Shark also fills the shortcoming of the NV500 by attaching 4 more wheels to the NV650. Therefore, in canister mode, you will feel comfortable when making the machine move. If you want to change the direction, you just need to turn the device slightly. The wheel rotates 360 degrees to do in the direction you want. Nevertheless, Shark NV500 and NV650 contain swivel steering to support moving easily. Basically, the features above guarantee to upgrade the portability much in moving these models. It is worth the attention, right?

The Cleaning Performance

Many people these days concentrate too much on the visuals. However, you must remember that cleaning capability is the most important aspect of a vacuum cleaner. It has to meet our requirements so that we are satisfied with these units. Let’s see if these two can gain a spot in your house.

Comparison of Tables

  • AACS technology and HEPA filter still pair well together. Fortunately, Shark NV500 and NV650 both own them. Their mission is to collect all the dust in the house. In addition, they also help to keep the fresh air from dust and allergens trapped inside the dust cup. With this remarkable ability, you can enjoy yourself relaxing moments in an extremely clean atmosphere.
  • As mentioned, both have a swivel steering to make it easier to navigate. You will avoid unnecessary collisions when moving it to another area. hard-to-clean areas no longer bother you thanks to the superior features of these products. Moreover, LED headlights also increase their perfection level. These lights you should take advantage of when you have to clean in quite dark areas. This is a creative point in Shark’s designs.
  • Cord and hose are things that are involved in the cleaning process. You cannot reach high? You cannot clean under a bed or a table? Forget this, these attachments will take care of that. If your home has carpets in some places, these units come with motorized brushrolls for those surfaces. It does not even skip hardwood floors, the surface is easily scratched.
  • Surely everyone is familiar with the name “Never Lose Suction”, right? Shark also grants this feature to its products to both highlight technology and increase product quality. You will see that the Shark NV500 and NV650 produce a sufficiently strong suction power. This aims to remove dust and dirt clogging inside the machine as well as the cleaning area. Moreover, they remain in such a state until you get the job done.
  • Both are versatile vacuum cleaners with 3-in-1 working mode. With 3 such modes, you can adjust to suit the area you work in.

The Price

Because the new version has fixed the bug from the old version, the NV650 is a bit more expensive. People should refer to prices and basic information about them on Amazon for more information.

Shark NV500

Shark NV682

The Feedbacks

The Shark NV650 is rated 4.6 stars. People all agreed that this vacuum was easy to maneuver and powerful to pick up dirt well. In addition, the machine was able to deal excellently with pet hair. Also, there are many convenient features like Lift-away mode and LED lights. Nevertheless, the NV650 is still a bit heavy to someone.

Despite being the old model, NV500 is still considered by many customers to be the most suitable choice. Price, form, quality to style all bring satisfaction to them. Moreover, some users consider it to be quite lightweight and have advanced functions to support the smooth movement. However, Shark NV500 has relatively small dust, containing little dirt that many customers have to empty many times.

The Conclusion

Overall, of course, the new version will be “more delicious” than the first. But not every new, improving means that it is suitable for all. Each type still has its own points to attract customers. Therefore, everyone should learn and calculate then choose one of two: Shark NV500 or NV650.