Shark NV501 vs NV601: What’s The Difference?

Cleaning methods have been evolving during the past few years. The world is replacing traditional ways that are not effective enough by various kinds of the vacuum cleaner. More and more new and strange inventions and quality make people’s lives lighter. Therefore, the number of brands also increased, flooding the machinery market. However, only some of them catch my eyes and are one of the most trustworthy brands. Shark is well-known worldwide due to its quality and reasonable prices. Everyone loves Shark models because they have convenient designs as well as many smart features. Also, Shark offers a variety of series which have their strengths. Shark Rotator is one of the best-sellers of Shark. Today’s muses, Shark NV501 vs NV601, both belong to this group which is lightweight yet powerful.

Shark NV501 vs NV601: Comparison And Review

Shark is a great manufacturer when releasing many favored machines with high quality for best performance. Two of them are Shark NV501 and NV601 which are so excellent and outstanding with many people. Also, they are all intelligent and modern Rotators, suitable for user tastes.

Shark NV501 Reviews

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-away is being welcomed all over the world with a lot of interested people. It comes with a lot of features to be a “weapon” for fighting with other rivals in this field. There are some great technologies for making this item become more famous thanks to its perfect performance. AACS technology helps to prevent allergens from coming to the air that is harmful to people’s health. Getting along with this technology, HEPA filters make dirt not stuck on inside for working well.

Moreover, Swivel steering that is so familiar helps people feel slight when moving this product. Plus, it owns a dust cup which is 1.3 quarts in the capacity that is enough to hold dust inside. The lift-away function which is right on its name makes the cleaning stairs or ceiling more comfortable and easier than before. Especially, it has great help from the long hose, premium pet tool.

Shark NV601 Reviews

Shark Rotator Lift-away Speed is not alike Shark NV501 much. It still gets a powerful suction for serving to clean session. Besides, the great in design like compact, light make these items attract much customer attention. Nevertheless, this item also possesses AACS technology for filtering allergens in the air to make the atmosphere clean. Together with this, HEPA filters with two foam filters to prevent dust and allergen from releasing outside. Many people are really satisfied with this function and they are interested after viewing its video test on Amazon.

Especially, there is a specialized tool for families with hard floors that is a hard floor hero. Also, brush roll garage and premium floor nozzle are very useful that supporting too much on cleaning performance. Some attachment like a crevice tool and pet multi-tool is excellent in the task that they take on. No one can ignore a great machine like Shark NV601.

The Design

Shark NV501 vs NV601 also has a similar shape, so they perform the common functions form upright type. They are strong and come with long hose and cord. However, with 30ft in length, Shark NV501 has a longer cord than that of cords Shark NV601 (25ft). These units can still reach on the large space to cover all dirt for cleaning well.

Additionally, both of them come with LED lights on the floor nozzle. It is a huge plus point as you can clean in the dark places like corners, under beds or furniture, and make sure no dirt is left behind. Yet, there are still some differences for you to distinguish these two. At the first look, you will feel NV601 doesn’t come with light design and has a bigger shape than NV501. Furthermore, the color makes them get brighter and more attractive with NV501 in white/red and black/silver of NV601.

The Portability

According to the specs on Amazon, Shark NV601 is heavier and a bit bulky than the other kind of vacuum. However, it is still not enough for NV501 with 15.5 pounds. They belong to the group of average-sized vacuum cleaners, so there will have someone who feels difficult to lift it. Because of this weakness, Shark provided more “weapons” to improve them. Swivel steering comes as a miracle to help people not having trouble due to their weight affected when carrying. Many users of outdated models often have to unplug the power cord quite tired and complicated. However, Shark NV501 and NV601 have added long cord and hose in their designs. Therefore, people no longer worry about this issue anymore. Also, the lift-away function brings about many advantages when it comes to cleaning high positions like stairs or ceiling. This is one of the selling points of Shark models.

The Cleaning Performance

To see if these two are worth your investment, it’s time to spend some time digging deeper into each pros and cons. Read the following information carefully, and follow them on Amazon for more information.

General Features

  • At first, Shark also gives Shark NV501 vs NV601 the Never Lose Suction for creating a strong power for cleaning. It works right as its name that it produces a flow of power to block away from all the dirt. With this strong suction, you can do your job freely without worry about losing suction interruptedly.  The reason is that it can main this power during a long cleaning session that is effective. There are not many types of vacuum cleaners that can keep such abundant energy without stopping suddenly.
  • Also, the duo AACS technology and HEPA filtration are factors that promote the Shark brand compared to other brands. They are extremely active when pushing almost all the dirt off the surface that needs to clean. Moreover, it also acts as an air purifier by keeping dirt and allergen back and releasing clean air into the environment. Therefore, a lot of people who are allergic are very interested and care very much about Shark NV501 and NV601. At the same time, with this duo, you can rest assured enjoy the airy, clean space.
  • Besides, Shark NV501 and NV601 do not lack the Lift-away function, which is very convenient and highly effective. Therefore, you can use them in two forms easily in a short time. Moreover, the cleaning head has been upgraded to enable further, wider cleaning. You can even adjust to clean the entire surface it can expand to avoid damaging the furniture. This right improvement has brought about positive results for the cleanup.
  • Apart from the couple we mentioned above, we also know of Swivel steering and LED headlights. One that makes the machine less heavy thanks to smoother movement. The other makes cleaning the underexposed area no longer a problem thanks to its lighting capabilities.

The Difference

  • One thing to note is that NV601 is lack of a big dust cup with size XL like the other. Therefore, NC501 prevails when the capacity of dust and dirt during the cleaning process is larger, avoiding the impact on the work.

The Price

The price is a factor that many people are curious after knowing about their high quality. As you search for their price, we can see the distance between Shark NV501 vs NV601 that is quite small. Perhaps, you don’t have to pay much attention to the distance.

Shark NV501

Shark NV601

The Shark NV501 Feedback

Shark NV501 still achieves remarkable achievements thanks to its effective cleaning ability. It helps people become more active in cleaning their homes. Up to 72% of people rated 5 stars because of satisfactory quality, beautiful design as well as preferential prices. Its versatility is appreciated by users, especially the convenient Lift-away mode. Users said that the Shark NV502 was worth the few hundred dollars they paid to buy it. However, the weight seems to make its perfection less than a few. Many people find it a bit difficult when their house is quite many floors but have to bring them up several times.

The Shark NV601 Feedback

Shark NV601 belongs to the group of potential vacuum cleaners when getting 3.9 stars. Most positive comments are about its lightweight design and powerful motor. Also, thanks to pet multi-tool, pet hair will not have the opportunity to make it difficult for users. Many people have doubts about their ability to filter dirt and allergen until they use it. Shark NV601 surprised them with the extremely clean atmosphere they wanted. However, some people still complain about the cord length. They think it is not long enough for their large apartment.

The Conclusion

From all that we research, Shark NV501 vs NV601 still deserve quality compliments. Although not a high-end line with many modern technologies, they still meet the majority of requirements that users set and expect. It takes on every surface with what it owns, always producing great results. They are not many different but very useful accessories that make people happy when using them.