Shark NV501 vs NV752: What’s the Difference?

House cleaning is an obsession with many people. It is both times consuming and challenging to deal with. For that reason, many people want a vacuum cleaner. They often turn to the big brands they think are highly trusted. Among them, Shark is an example. And today, we will introduce two types of vacuum cleaners under this brand: Shark NV501 and NV752. Both are from Shark Rotator 2-in-1, with NV752 being more advanced versions. However, to know how they are similar and different, which one is better, please follow the information below.

Shark Rotator NV501 Vacuum
12,251 Reviews
Shark Rotator NV501 Vacuum
Shark NV501 uses Anti-Allergen seal technology and HEPA filter technology to prevent dirt and allergens from escaping, causing harm to health. Besides, Ultra-quiet technology reduces the noise coming from the machine, avoiding affecting other work and others.
Shark Rotator TruePet NV752 Vacuum
7,974 Reviews
Shark Rotator TruePet NV752 Vacuum
The Shark NV752 uses a Powered Lift-away to detach the canister easily when you want to vacuum upstairs or on a shelf. Furthermore, the item includes a fingertip control for easy adjustment of the cleaning mode.

Shark NV501 vs NV752 Overview

These two products are from the Shark brand, well-known for its modern technologies and many innovative features. Besides, this brand also focuses on designing an eye-catching appearance and high portability.


The eye-catching design is what many customers are impressed with Shark NV501 vs NV752. Both are upright and canister models, with no bag and long cords. These two items have a similar color tone but still easily distinguish between dark red and Bordeaux. Also, they have a sizable dust cup with multiple LED lights on the nozzle. What’s more, inside is a too quality filter with a large motor to deploy suction power. In particular, they all have many similar and different attachments to apply in many cases when cleaning. Therefore, the design is also an essential factor that makes the product more attractive.


One of the factors that we also need to mention when talking about Shark NV501 and NV752 is their portability. Right from the design, we saw the flexibility of the movement of both products. These models get some caster wheels to move smoothly on the floor and carpet with high protection. They do not tire when pulling them, and they do not damage the cleaning surface. Therefore, its portability is highly appreciated.

Shark NV501 vs NV752 Comparison

When talking about Shark NV501 and NV752, many people will be curious to see how the two products are similar and different. In terms of similarity, you’ll see this through the filters, about the exterior design, and the technology they apply. Besides, their differences come from innovation, attachments with technology, and some other factors.


  • As you can observe, the Shark NV501 and NV752 are both upright. Also, they use a long cord for enormous covering when cleaning. Furthermore, the dust cup is also relatively large with XL capacity and the same 30ft of cable.
  • Next, these items have handy filters combined with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology up to 99.99% safe when accompanied by a HEPA filter. It helps to minimize dirt and allergens escape and purify the air while in the home.
  • Additionally, in addition to their compact and lightweight design, they also use caster wheels to make them easier to move. Moreover, a swivel steering also makes these machines more maneuverable.
  • In particular, both use LED lights to illuminate when the area you are cleaning does not have enough light. With this function, you can vacuum leftover dust to ensure 100% of dirt and pet hair are removed.
  • Furthermore, these models go with some specialized tools. Those tools are the crevice tool, dusting brush, and canister caddy with the suction nozzle. They help in cleaning all the nooks and crannies of the house that you often skip.


  • Shark NV501 and NV752 give you the difference sense with two colors, red/white from NV501 and Bordeaux from NV752. Moreover, Shark NV752 is a bit lighter when it comes to 15.4 pounds. Meanwhile, Shark NV501 weighs up to 15.5 pounds with a more oversized shape. Especially, Shark NV501 is famous as a 3-in-1 vacuum to be versatile in cleaning. In contrast, Shark NV752 is weaker with two cleaning ways thanks to the Lift-away function. In this case, Shark NV501 makes you feel more satisfied.
  • Next, Shark always concentrates on its vacuum motor to make sure that it can generate enough suction. With Shark NV501, this brand installs an engine of 1200 watts with 10amps. Meanwhile, Shark NV752 also gets a weaker one – 1150 watts/ 9.5 amps. Therefore, Shark NV501 is better at creating strong suction to raise the effectiveness of the job.
  • Moreover, every vacuum receives many attachments to clean every nooks and cranny. In this case, Shark NV501 provides you Turbo brush and multi-angle brush to deal with some places and edges. With NV752, there are TruePet mini motorized brush and pet power brush with hard floor/dusting genie. These attachments will help you solve all the dust and debris so easily and quickly than traditional methods.
  • Shark NV501 has a smaller actual dust cup capacity of only 1.3 dry quarts. Meanwhile, Shark NV752 has a large dust cup that can hold up to 3.3 dry quarts. Nevertheless, Shark NV501 will control the noise when working with the contribution of Ultra-quiet technology. About Shark NV752, you can handle the cleaning with three power settings to be comfortable through fingertip control.
  • Last but not least, the manufacturer – SharkNinja, will give you a 5-year (NV501) and up to 7-year limited warranty (NV752). Therefore, you can check your machine to find errors when using it to support this brand.

The Price

Shark NV501 has a slight difference since NV752 belongs to the high-end vacuum line. The distance is up to 100 $, so many customers also consider choosing to buy the product. Besides, you can visit Amazon for more information and capture the change in these two products.

Shark NV501

Shark NV752

Final thought

According to the information we provided, you can also realize that both Shark NV501 and NV752 operate very effectively on above-floor areas, stairs, carpet, and hard floors. However, Shark NV501 received more positive reviews from users at 4.6 stars and 78% of people with five stars. Besides, it is a more versatile 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner with many attachments that Shark provides. Meanwhile, Shark NV752 is one of the best vacuum cleaners for removing pet hair on different surfaces. It also received a majority of positive feedback from customers. Shark NV752 has a relatively good rating with 4.6 stars for nearly two thousand internet reviews.