Shark NV650 vs NV751: Which Is The Winner?

Shark NV650 vs NV751 are models of the company with some of the best in the industry. We will review and compare each one of the models to learn when they work best.All buyers want to have the best deal achievable, especially on the vacuum cleaner, some models are pricey than others. Confessedly, sharks are one of the manufacturers of the leading vacuum cleaner reviews. When will a roundup of its product lines be needed before you make a buying decision? Obviously, it was.

Shark NV650 vs NV751: Comparison And Review

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuums NV650 vs NV751 perhaps slightly older models, but they yet maintained their stance. When they appear, they vacuumed thoroughly, and they’re still good vacuuming. New technologies have come out, but the more modern vacuum cleaner is slightly better though, is also more expensive units.

The Design

Shark NV650 vs NV751 have the same look. Both of them come with silver. They both come with the Lift-away function. This function allows users to pick up the canister immediately and easily clean hard to reach areas. There is a small difference between them is the NV650 equipped with a crevice tool while its brother features a dust genie tool. These units come with a 30-foot long wire help users to clean large areas using a wall power socket.

The Cleaning Performance

Much qualities that I find change lovely in Rotator Powered Lift-Away is not new to this particular vacuum. Actuality, the Sharks are quite similar to its predecessor, the Shark Lift-Away Professional Rotator in many ways.

The Features:

  • Shark NV650 vs  NV751 come with fingertip controls and three types (carpet/low pile, hard floor, and thick carpets/area rugs). These functions will let users pass from a different surface quickly.
  • Both NV650 and NV751 are specified to use. You are recommended to read the instructions/guidelines before the first utilization to become familiar with the new unit. After some uses, most of the works going rather naturally.
  • NV650 vs NV751 possess a motor of 1200 W. They come with suction for the main cleaning head motor with a cleaning path of 10.5 inches wide. Such engines combined with motorized brush bars allows users to vacuum large areas rapidly.
  • When bare floor cleaning surface selector set to ‘hard floor.’ Note: brush roll will not shoot in this mode.
  • Carpet has two settings. For carpet of the low pile, set the selected surface to ‘Carpets/Low Pile.’ For thick and high-pile carpet and area rug, set the selector of the surface to ‘Thick Carpet/Area Rug.’
  • Also, if the suction is high and it’s hard to pull/push, fix the selector of the surface to ‘Thick Carpet/Area Rug.’
  • As you can see, they are designed as the leading vacuum cleaners and even in the larger apartments.
  • LED light helps users cleaning up in dark areas, such as in the corners, under the bed and the like.
  • There is 3/4 inch gap between the outside edge of the vacuuming head and path. Powerful suction even picked up dirt along the side of the wall. If you did not clean some dust, you should use its attachments available for the surface.

The Difference:

  • Shark NV650 vs NV751 Rotator Shark vacuum cleaners feature different sets of cleaning attachment. If necessary, you can order the cleaning attachment separately. But the familiar way is to order the model with all the attachments would need to keep the house clean. Some of the accessories are as follows:
  • Dusting Genie 2 in 1 cleaning tool. It features dusting brush and crevice tool: brush dust cleans the multitude of surfaces combined soft fur brush and powerful suction. The crevice tool extends cleaning reach into areas where small and tight and space embarrassing.
  • Dusting Brush: Vacuums and collect dust from a mass of surfaces.
  • Motorized TruePet Mini Brush is equipped to pick up pet hair and human-made fiber, loose debris, lint, and ingrained dirt. You can use it to clean smaller surfaces such as stairs, chairs, and the like.

The Portability

Both of them weight of 15.6 pounds. They are not light vacuum cleaners for carrying around quickly, especially for the elders up and down the stair. Nevertheless, they’re easy to pull/ push over a different surface. As mentioned before, if problems happened with pull/push testing the configuration of the surface type of selector. The powerful suction can ‘glue’ vacuums to the floors and cause problems of moving around.

Lift-Away Pod of eight-pound weight which helps you can carry it easily with one hand by the cleaning handle.

The Accessories

Shark NV650: Crevice tool, Hard Floor Genie with one pad, Pet upholstery tool, Caddy, Dusting brush, Accessory bag.

Shark NV751: Hard Floor Genie with one pad, Dusting genie, Dusting brush, Dusting genie, Upholstery brush, Pet power brush, Caddy, Upholstery brush, Accessory bag.

The Price

There is a little difference in price between NV650 and NV751. The NV751 comes with a higher cost because it is Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away  Extra. To get a good deal, you are highly recommended to visit Amazon.

Shark NV650

Shark NV751

The Feedbacks

Up to 60% on Amazon customers review NV751 4.6 stars. People dropped comments like “Great vacuum. Effortless to assemble and efficient use. ” It is also appreciated for quick pickup.

The NV650 gets a better ranking is 65% of customers rate it five stars. Those with limited area to clean compliment to do a good job. Furthermore, most people are satisfied with the cleaner head, and flossy head for hardwood floors and carpet. The customers dropped comments as “most powerful vacuum” or “Great for corners! It is a great machine.”

The Conclusion

Decided to buy a particular model depending on your specific circumstances or needs. You may need 3-in-1 Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away if you occupy in a house remindful of South Fork. This model isn’t self-propelled, but it features the swivel steering which makes it easy to move around furniture and corners.