Shark NV680 vs NV800 : Which One Is The Best?

Currently, almost every family owns the vacuum cleaner. However, it is not suitable or long-term use is not easy. There have been many cases of broken machines, high repair costs, even having to buy new ones. Therefore, many people feel bored and skeptical about the quality of the vacuum cleaner. They have a lot of good looking code, good quality, and especially high durability. However, if only listening and reading is difficult to believe. Therefore, I will compare any two Shark products so people can get a basic understanding. Today, we will study about more Shark NV680 vs NV800. Both of them are not the latest, yet they are equipped with Shark’s advanced technologies.

To me, it will always be a wise choice to buy a cleaner which fits perfectly into our houses at an affordable price. These two receive thousands of positive feedbacks. Real customers’ reviews are not lines, right?

Shark NV680 vs NV800: Comparison And Review

Shark is now very confident in competing with other brands in the market. Its products are present at many retail points, international e-commerce sites. It divides into different lines to manage as well as investigate the level of interest and interest of customers. The two products I would like to introduce today are Shark’s Rotator standards. You still know that Shark NV680 is Shark Rotator Powered Lift-away speed. Meanwhile, Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-away Speed is something that reminds people of Shark NV800. Both use the DuoClean roller during the cleaning process.

The Design

In terms of design, it will be quite easy to identify Shark NV680 and NV800. The NV680 has a slightly stubby body with the freshness and elegance of silver and green. It’s the same elegance that blends the coolness of the silver and green we see in the Shark NV800. They are all equally weighted with the Lift-away function technology – reducing the weight you use. Meanwhile, such a design will help you move skillfully on every terrain in the house. Also, LED light prevents you from leaving dirt in dark areas that are difficult to clean. It will brighten up those places like other areas so you will be more comfortable working. Because of the above design, many customers have more sympathy with these Shark vacuum cleaners.

Shark NV680 Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum
269 Reviews
Shark NV680 Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum

  • Weight: 24.28 lbs
  • Upright Vacuum always meets the needs of cleaning many places in the house
  • Works well with carpets and all types of wooden floors
  • Ready with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA filter. Dust particles are completely removed meeting environmental friendly standards
  • Feature Advanced swivel steering helps remove difficult dust particles
  • Integrated LED lights in vacuums
Shark NV800 Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Vacuum
16 Reviews
Shark NV800 Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Vacuum

  • Dimensions : 13.8 x 12.2 x 32.7 inches
  • Weight 21.3 pounds
  • LED Headlights on the nozzle completely removes dust particles in the dark
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + a HEPA filter
  • Duoclean technology has a dual brush that easily removes pet hair on carpets and floors
  • Comes with Pet Multi-Tool, it was created to clean pet hair

The Portability

Unfortunately, both the Shark NV680 and NV800 vacuum cleaners weigh up to 20 pounds. This will likely hinder house cleaning. However, Shark does not allow its products to leave such a big minus point. Therefore, swivel steering is present to limit this drawback. You can be assured that even if they are heavy, they will not affect your work much. Besides, Lift-away modes as I mentioned above help to expand the working range, including complex areas. Moreover, Shark designed a compact nozzle head to suck all the dirt in the narrow, tight corners that you often overlook. However, only NV800 can remove the canister but keep the brushroll to continue pinning all times.

The Cleaning Performance

Shark NV680 and NV800 both bring quite a lot of new things. Although the design is quite nice and convenient, quality is still the top priority of customers when buying products. Because still, I’ve synthesized the information needed to help people have an accurate view of them.

The Features:

  • Never Lose Suction is one of the things to look forward to in the Shark NV680 and NV800. Like other Shark vacuum cleaners, it also implements a strong suction power and can be maintained for long periods. This means you can use this attraction continuously until you finish your job without fear of a sudden break.
  • Besides, the compact faucet helps to completely clean the corners and openings. Along with that are the LEDs that illuminate the areas in the shadow. It is guaranteed to help you clean up 100% with no dirt left over.
  • Moreover, they also come with AACS technology and HEPA filtration system like most Shark vacuum cleaners today. You will see the ability to clean up to nearly 100% of dust and allergens, further filtering the air during vacuuming. The Shark NV680 vs NV800 are quite perfect compared to conventional vacuum cleaners with these two super-cool features.
  • Also owning the Lift-away function, the NV800s stand out and are more convenient with 3-in-1 mode. Therefore, you can use it flexibly according to each cleaning surface to avoid further damage and guarantee. In each mode, you will see the inner devices working positively. The two brushrolls will spin and collect dust or small trash by flexible, rhythmic coordination between the two. When going to areas like stairs, you can lift the canister and continue vacuuming. It does not ignore elevated areas and defies all floors in your home. Left, Shark NV680 only has 2-in-1 modes but it is enough to fight with dirt no matter how much.

The Difference:

  • The difference that you need to note is that the NV680 will not have two rotating brushes when working. It’s the DuoClean conditioning technology, which allows soft and stiff brushroll to work together to eliminate dust from the floor.

The Price

According to the market price that shows on Amazon, you can see that the Shark NV800 is relatively high compared to the NV680.

Shark NV680

Shark NV800

The Feedbacks

Currently, many people are using Shark NV800 that makes it to the top of Shark’s best products. The 3-in-1 model has made its attraction stronger, making more people interested in and using it more. Some people had to say in awe directly using it at home with super strong suction power.

In particular, Shark NV680 also “promptly” impresses customers with many notable features. DuoClean technology helps the machine operate smoothly, quickly, and accurately.