Shark NV681 vs NV682: What’s the Difference?

Currently, because of their busy lives, many people do not have time to do housework. Therefore, the demand for a vacuum cleaner increases because this product extremely well supports this problem. However, choosing a vacuum cleaner is not simple. If you make a mistake, it will waste money and can make you more tired of the problems it creates. If you choose the right one, you can get the chores done quickly and cost-effectively. To help you make the right choice, we offer a range of quality vacuum cleaner models for you. And, the two products we want to mention are Shark NV681 vs NV682. They are all elite products of Shark – a big brand in the market in this area. Therefore, you can trust and consider buying them.

Shark Rotator Powered NV681
135 Reviews
Shark Rotator Powered NV681
Shark Rotator NV681 helps you clean in a short time with many useful features coming from its design inside and outside. Moreover, a lot of innovative technologies support so much in cleaning for completing with the best result.
Shark Rotator Powered NV682
159 Reviews
Shark Rotator Powered NV682
Shark Rotator NV682 lets you clean with 2 cleaning modes like upright form and Lift-away for portable cleaning. Nevertheless, it uses a long cord for covering large space to work with a comfortable feeling as you want.

Shark NV681 vs NV682 Overview

Both are on Shark’s list of great 2-in-1 vacuum cleaners. From the outside to the inside, all the details are pleasing to the user. Flexible design and excellent portability help it create impressions and trust to bring many benefits to customers.


The design of Shark NV681 and NV682 is really the factor worth mentioning. They are the same basic upright in two different colors. This helps the user to distinguish them easily. They adopt the Powered Lift-away function to separate the canister, thus making it easier to clean more areas. These two characteristics make them a versatile 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner. Additionally, both have flexible ergonomic handles when turning. Above that, Shark arranges controls for everyone to see and easy to use. Furthermore, a long cord is an advantage when cleaning large rooms. In addition, LED headlights to assist with special powers when meeting dark areas. In particular, inside the machine is a filter system and motor to create the perfect performance. Many other attachments also play an important role in the cleanup process.


As you can see, the Shark NV681 and NV682 have impressive designs but their portability is just as impressive. Behind the cleaning head, Shark designs the wheels so that they move smoothly without any difficulty. In addition, the swivel steering wheel promotes its ability to shield them extremely maneuverable on surfaces. Plus, two cleaning modes are also quite convenient for moving, carrying, and cleaning. Therefore, you can rest assured to work when they own this great feature.

Shark NV681 vs NV682 Comparison

These two products belong to Shark, namely Shark Rotator, so they have many similarities and differences that they should have. The most similarity is still about the design as well as the technology they apply. Besides, they differ in the appearance that you easily see and the attachments they use.


  • Shark NV681 and NV682 both have an almost identical appearance. Both have their original upright form, weighing just 13.2 pounds with dimensions of 11.8 x 11.9 x 46.1 inches. Although compact, they are still relatively tall so you won’t get tired while working. In addition to the upright mode, they also apply the Powered Lift-away for the second mode. The main measurement is the canister cup for easy moving and cleaning of the monthly bridge, sofa, or kitchen shelf.
  • In addition, the cord is up to 30ft long to help expand the space and limit the switch of power outlets, saving time. Moreover, when meeting dark areas, you can take advantage of the light from LED headlights to clean. As a result, you won’t leave any dust, pet hair, or debris.
  • Next, the handle is quite ergonomic, convenient when turning. Furthermore, the control button is located on the handle, where it is easy to see and operate. Thanks to that, you take advantage of the fingertip control to switch between floor to carpet cleaning and vice versa. In particular, the wheel helps these items run smoother while the swivel steering makes them maneuverable.
  • Plus, they both adopt Anti Allergen Seal technology to prevent allergens in the air, making the air cleaner. It incorporates a HEPA filter to keep dust and allergen in the dust cup and avoid clogging inside or escaping outside. Their dust cup contains up to 0.9 quarts so you don’t spend a lot of time emptying while working.


Both Shark NV681 and NV682 are rotator powered NV600 series. Of course, the Shark Rotator NV681 differs only in the colors and accessories included when compared to the Shark Rotator NV682. Nevertheless, the many techniques feature built into the Shark NV682 make its price somewhat more expensive than the Shark NV681.

  • It’s easy to see that the colors of Shark NV681 and NV682 are not the same despite weighing 13.2 pounds. Specifically, Shark Rotator NV681 is silver/green while Shark Rotator NV682 is plasma blue. Other dimensions remain the same at 11.8 x 11.9 x 46.1 inches. Therefore, you can choose according to the color you prefer.
  • In addition, these models use a motorized brush and dust-away hard-floor attachments with a washable microfiber for hard floors. In addition, these two items also have duster crevice and pet multi-tool but go with other attachments. Specifically, Shark Rotator NV681 uses a pet power brush for scanning pet hair. In contrast, the Shark Rotator NV682 takes advantage of the TruePet mini motorized brush, and canister caddy instead. These attachments are different, but they all bring certain effects to the cleaning. Certainly, pet owners like them as they have dedicated attachments for handling pet hair.

The Price

Shark NV681 and NV682 are both reasonably priced, although they offer a lot of benefits and save time for users. Shark NV681 always has a more attractive price than Shark NV682. Of course, both have a 7-year limited warranty. You can access it regularly to keep up with the changing information about them.

Shark NV681

Shark NV682

Final Thought

In brief, both Shark NV681 and NV682 are products that work extremely well for floor and pet hair treatment. Although Shark NV682 is somewhat better than Shark NV681. But in real use, it is difficult to see the difference between them in basic needs. You can choose Shark NV681 if you want a more reasonable price. Shark NV682 would be a great proposition for staying power when taking advantage of the TruePet mini motorized brush accessory.