Shark NV681 vs NV752 : Which one the best?

Undoubtedly, Shark is emerging in a powerful way to dominate the vacuum cleaner market. It has many excellent quality vacuum cleaners with an eye-catching form to fight with other products. And, the interesting part is that those models can deliver comparable cleaning ability as high-end products do at almost half of the price. Shark has a considerable number of vacuum lines such as the Navigator, the Rotator as well as the Rocket. They have many “weapons” which make their position in the market. The Shark NV681 vs NV752 are from the Shark Rotator. This is one of the largest vacuum lines of Shark, which has received thousands of positive feedbacks from customers. People love this line because the models have sleeker designs, improved usability, and large dust cups. In this article, I will analyze them so carefully so that you will know better cleaner to buy.

Shark NV681 vs NV752: Comparison And Review

There are many kinds of the vacuum so customers may easily get confused at choosing the right one. The first and foremost principle is that you have to know your house well. I mean you should know what types of floors you house has or lightweight and the user-friendly machine will fit perfectly to your house. Reading comparison articles will help you have a better vision of the machines.

Shark is currently implementing a lot of projects to create unique and quality vacuum cleaners. They are diverse in form and design, giving you more options. Many users have chosen Shark NV681 vs NV752 among them. These Rotators bring a lot of new things that we want to explore. That is also what attracts people to find out and choose this product as a cleaning tool. Please continue to follow and write down if necessary.

Shark NV681 Reviews

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-away Speed is one of the best 2-in-1 vacuums that is favored by many favored. One more time, we remind you about upright and lift away mode in a Shark vacuum. They are very useful for freely cleaning and make people less tired of this job.

Besides, attaching the canister for comfortable cleaning is one of the purposes that Shark installs to bring many benefits. Shark NV681 also includes a hard floor attachment to collect the large particle lying on the floor. AACS technology works in harmony with the HEPA filter to get the best results. This couple support to make a clear air after knocking off dust and eliminating allergens. Moreover, you can change the surface for working better with fingertip control in the body of the unit. It can help you clean from hard floors to carpet in a short time with easy action. So perfectly!

Shark NV752 Reviews

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-away TruePet is still at the top of the product with the highest user rating. With Lift-away technology, you are more comfortable expanding the cleaning area than other types of vacuum cleaners. It is suitable for cleaning areas such as stairs, ceilings, stairs, railings…You can remove the canister if you find it necessary when you are working on this job. At that time, the power still generates for all the cleaning with high quality. We can see the existence of AACS technology as well as HEPA filter in this perfect item. Besides, it comes with some attachments that you will be interested like pet multi-tool, pet power-brush, and crevice tool. This will help you reduce 100% of the amount of pet hair appearing in your house. Also, it has an extremely large size dust cup to accommodate an equally large amount of dust.

The Design

Luckily, they have different designs, to begin with. The NV681 looks much thinner and a bit taller as compared to the NV752. NV681 appears with a healthy appearance, fresh with silver/green while NV752 appears with attractive Bordeaux colors. Many people are interested in NV681 with this look. However, both are easy to maintain and use, and are extremely user-friendly. Besides, this design also becomes more attractive with Lift-away technology, looking complicated but simple. Furthermore, the number of LEDs is quite large to help provide enough light needed for the task. At that time, you won’t worry about how much dust lying behind.

The Portability

They are not much different in terms of weight. They stand in the lightweight line with many other kinds, which is good for moving. Two units are from 13.2 to 15.4 pounds as Amazon statistics. This will be fitted with many families who find a light one for convenience. Besides, its portability raises higher and higher with dynamic swivel steering that appears in most of the Shark products. You can use it to move so smoothly and cleverly avoid obstacles in the cleaning surface with great protection. Moreover, the hose has an ingenious and sophisticated design to clean every nook and corner. These areas make you often feel uncomfortable when not thoroughly cleaned. The low-level areas such as under the table, under the bed or the TV shelf, are also easily conquered with these products. At last, many users praise their portability through lift-away function with high convenience.

The Cleaning Performance

Both Shark NV681 and NV752 work so well on various cleaning surfaces with many excellent things. Their acceptable things and weaknesses will reveal why they are famous and favored by most of the customers. Please focus on the information below to explain what we ask and be curious about

Comparison of Tables

  • Many vacuums are owning “Never Lose Suction, and Shark NV681 and NV752 belong to this group. It converts a strong suction for making perfect cleaning that continually maintains the entire session. It restricts all problems that can occur, such as loss of suction, reduced suction when working. Therefore, don’t worry much about it.
  • Next, we will mention the series of LED light lying on their design. This helps you realize the dust lying deep insides the surface with the illumination of these lights. As a result, it doesn’t allow any dust leaving behind after cleaning these areas.
  • Moreover, Shark NV681 vs NV752 can stand stable in the market thanks to a couple of AACS technology and HEPA filter. It can blow out nearly 100% dust and allergen insides your house with their ability. You will see your house so clear and the atmosphere is so fresh than before. This is fantastic! It is these functions that many people want to buy immediately.
  • Especially, 3-in-1 modes also a notable thing to make them outstanding and well-known in the market now. You can use them with 3 convenient modes that there has less vacuum that can possess this feature. Firstly, some areas like floors or elevated surfaces will be brighter after you clean. Secondly, the spinning brushrolls will make two soft rollers collect and deal with all dust or large particles. Lastly, you have to disassemble the canister for free and easily clean the special place like drapes, ceiling…
  • A great thing is that Shark gives you a way to change the cleaning surface as you want with fingertip controls. For example, you just need to use this feature to clean the bare floor instead of carpet and in contrast way.

The Difference

  • The TurePet Motorized brush and Pet multi-tool of the NV752 can ultimate pet hair cleaning for all surfaces.

The Price

NV752 has so many accessories, which is the reason its cost may be high than the other. They are the vacuums with a pretty price for all types of people who want to buy them.

Shark NV681

Shark NV752

Feedbacks of Shark NV681

The NV681 is always a smart vacuum that many people are interested in. They extremely like the way they do to make the surface bright and clear. Besides, many users are attractive with a 3-in-1 model that it presents. The pet owners are really satisfied with the roller that support collecting pet hair in their carpet. Moreover, the people who suffer from allergens feel comfortable in their house with fresh air that it makes. However, there still have a minus thing that users complain about their weight so much. Therefore, they want Shark will renew Shark NV681 lighter.

Feedbacks of Shark NV752

Shark NV752 gets many compliments on the Internet, especially on Amazon in its feedback box. They like its appearance with beautiful color and great design with many useful attachments. The number of customers giving it 5 stars is increasing day by day; accordingly, their absolute trust also increases.

The Conclusion

Overall, Shark NV681 vs NV752 are two models that can take on every task with their quality Shark gives. Many people found these vacuums as a lifesaver for supporting them in cleaning after working with much stress. If you are still afraid of the price, don’t worry about it because their price is not expensive. The NV752 comes with more features and it means if you want to own this one, you have to pay some extra.

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