Shark NV70 vs NV71 : Which one the best?

Over the years, countless vacuum cleaner brands have established a foothold in the market. Eventually, Shark seems to be the most outstanding brand because of its reliability and qualify. Shark brand comes in an assortment of lines such as Shark Rotator, Shark Navigator, Shark Rocket, and so on. If you want to know which one is the most popular, then it may be Shark Navigator. Shark Navigator has been attracting a lot of interest and prevailing in many e-commerce sites. To help you understand more about Shark Navigator, I will tell you a bit more information about two representatives of this line, Shark NV70 vs NV71. If you are keen on Shark NV70 and NV71, keep reading and then make an appropriate decision.

Shark NV70 vs NV71: Comparison And Review

While Shark NV70 is Shark Navigator DLX Motorized Foor Brush vacuum cleaner, then Shark NV71 is Shark Navigator DLX Bagless Upright one. Although both these two have appeared in the market for a long time, they have always been “refreshed” over time intending to meet the demand of all customers. If you want to buy a vacuum cleaner with reasonable price and superb cleaning, then Shark NV70 vs NV71 are ideal suggestions. In general, these two are quite similar in design and function because they all belong to the Shark Navigator line. They are equipped with a dust cup that has a large capacity and they have great suction power. Therefore, they are ready for cleaning in any spaces such as houses, buildings, apartments, cars.

The Design

The outstanding thing of both vacuum cleaners is a novelty and aesthetics which makes them eye-catching. Many customers said that they decided to buy it at first sight because they are into their design and color. Like other Shark lines, Shark Navigator has an impressive array of colorful vacuum cleaners. Shark NV70 comes with shinning silver-yellowish, youthful and modern color, which allows you to keep it clean all the time. While Shark NV71 offers a wide range of hues such as green, blue, or Bordeaux color. Compared to its predecessor, the color of this one is more perfect and attractive.

The Portability

In reality, all vacuum cleaners of Shark are available for handling and moving everywhere you need. And, of course, Shark NV70 vs NV71 is no exception. Their hose length is about 10 feet along with swivel steering, which can maneuver. The hose length also allows you to clean all corners, especially the corners in the ceiling or the overhead areas. Besides, Shark NV70 is relatively light, about 15 pounds, so it is quite convenient for you to hold and move. What is more interesting, Shark NV71 is lighter than Shark NV70 because Shark engineers have endlessly renovated it years after years.

The cleaning Performance

In terms of performance, they may be beyond what you think. Most of the customers who buy vacuum cleaners of the Shark Navigator line concur with well-performance ones.

  • Both these vacuum cleaners come with a large dust cup and strong suction power for superb cleaning capacity. They help you clean out the dust and dirt throughout your home, even hard-to-access corners in the wink of an eye. Besides, Shark NV70 completes with seal technology and anti-allergen capacity following any space.
  • Thanks to corner furniture and a long, flexible cleaning hose, these two can sweep out stubborn dust quickly, even the dirt in tight and dark areas. It will be an ultimate solution to clog dust problems and keep our living environment air dust-free.
  • They are all equipped with a strong and sturdy cord for easy movement.
  • These vacuum cleaners have a perfect filtration system and can do many tasks such as cleaning out pet hair, carpet, car, floor, ceiling, etc. Therefore, it is suitable for everyone, above all for pet owners, housewives, and busy bees.
  • The one different thing between Shark NV70 and Shark NV71 is that Shark NV71 may be more outstanding than the rest one because it is a succeeding generation product. Therefore, its cleaning performance is perfect and supreme. Furthermore, this comes with bright colors, so you can keep it clean all the time.

The Price

Although both Shark vacuum cleaners have been in the market for a long time, they remain qualified to meet the needs of customers. All of them are multitasking vacuum cleaners with large-capacity dustbin, but their price is affordable for people from all walks of life. In reality, Shark NV71 is more modern with outstanding technology, so the price is a bit higher than Shark NV70.

Shark NV70

Shark NV71

The Feedbacks

The NV70 is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Many buyers concur that it is a powerful vacuum cleaner with outstanding features. The is one certain thing that the product will make your cleaning easier than ever.

The NV71 gets full 5 stars on Amazon. There is no doubt that many customers highly appreciate this vacuum cleaner because it takes responsibility for many tasks. Countless customers are always eager to buy it for easy cleaning and convenient use.

The Conclusion

In general, both Shark NV70 and Shark NV71 are excellent vacuum cleaners with perfect features. They are versatile, aesthetic in conformity with your modern home space. Moreover, doing household chores will not be a concern for many housewives when they come by the vacuum cleaner.