Shark NV70 vs NV80: What’s the Difference?

The vacuum cleaner is an item that still maintains its hotness in the market after many years of its birth. It gives users a lot of new experiences when working simply and quickly. Moreover, it creates a clean, airy space that users always want. Therefore, no matter what type, the vacuum cleaner always attracts the user. And this article will introduce you to two vacuum cleaners Shark NV70 vs NV80. As everyone can see, this is a trustworthy brand with a global reputation. It is always attractive with quality products at a wide range of prices. So, let’s go deep to learn about these products together.

Shark Navigator DLX NV70
3,673 Reviews
Shark Navigator DLX NV70
Shark Upright Vacuum NV70 receives many compliments about the flexible design and strong suction. Nevertheless, this model uses many attachments for different tasks as well as two motor systems for effective working.
Shark Navigator Professional NV80
203 Reviews
Shark Navigator Professional NV80
Shark Navigator Professional NV80 is so effective with two motor systems to be suitable for each cleaning surface. Moreover, it also has a Mega capacity dust cup to contain much dust during the cleaning lesson.

Shark NV70 vs NV80 Overview

Both have many highlights and conveniences that attract the attention of consumers. They get a neat design with many perfect connection details. In addition, they are also very flexible on surfaces thanks to the features they have.


The Shark NV70 vs NV80 are upright cameras and don’t have the Powered lift-away like the others. They all come in very luxurious and beautiful gold/silver colors. Also, you can see that a sizable dust cup has a Mega XL capacity. Hence, you can get a lot of dirt, the small particle, and even pet hair when vacuuming. Moreover, they also use HEPA filter or pre-motor and post-motor filter as well. These filters connect closely to the dust cup to complete the filtration process and keep dirt inside the dust cup. Moreover, the first part is also quite flexible, reversing, and turning easily thanks to a swivel steering.


The flexibility or portability makes everyone happy with Shark NV70 vs NV80. They are not bulky items, so moving them is not difficult. In addition, they have additional support from wheels to smoothly roll on surfaces. Therefore, you can push it gently and easily. In particular, a swivel steering helps the cleaning head to become maneuverable. This way, you will be able to rotate the wand in multiple directions and the cleaning head will still be able to go deeper to collect dust.

Shark NV70 vs NV80 Comparison

These items are all feature Shark Navigator and very special. They all possess a beautiful design, effective filtration system, and motor and good suction control. However, they differ in terms of attachments and wand, Turbo brush, and other dimensions.


  • Shark NV70 vs NV80 has a beautiful and luxurious appearance on gold/silver outside. They weigh a little over 15 pounds, are still a lightweight product to carry with less pain. In addition, Shark provides wheels to help you reduce fatigue and feel more comfortable while working. Thanks to that, they run smoothly on any surface and still ensure no damage. Furthermore, a swivel steering makes these vacuum cleaners maneuverable when vacuuming under furniture.
  • Furthermore, these items all use 1200 watt motors and are known for the 2 motor systems. One is used as a suction act and with assistance from Never Lose Suction. From there, you will receive strong and continuous suction to work more efficiently. The second motor is for motorized brush-roll to carry dust and pet hair more convenient.
  • Next, the Mega XL capacity dust cup impresses users strongly. It is estimated to be able to store up to 2.9 quarts of dirt, allergens, and pet hair. Therefore, you can use it for long working hours with less emptying it. When you want to pour dirt, you just need to open the bottom.
  • Besides, the filtration system is quite effective with the pre-motor and post-motor filter. They also use the HEPA filter – one of the types of filters that have earned the trust of many brands. In addition, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal helps to keep the air fresh and clean. It destroys almost 100% allergens – a factor that causes allergy for users.


  • Shark Navigator NV70 vs NV80 has a very small difference in weight and other dimensions. Specifically, the Shark DLX NV70 is a bit lighter at 15.2 pounds with a dimension of 11.4 x 12.2 x 45.5 inches. Meanwhile, the Shark professional NV80 weighs 15.7 pounds and has slightly larger stats at 11.42 x 12.2 x 45.55 inches. Furthermore, Shark Navigator NV80 uses a power cord with a length of 25ft. In this case, Shark NV70 has both a 25ft and 30ft power cord with a 9.25 cleaning path width. So Shark DLX NV70 has a slight edge. However, both do not have cord rewind.
  • Next, these models have an additional cleaning wand, but the Shark NV80 professional uses up to two, one of which has no handle. Shark DLX NV70 is slightly weaker with only the cleaning wand with no handle. In addition, Shark Navigator NV80 takes advantage of the Turbo brush (pet power brush) but it wider than that of Shark NV70.
  • In addition to the Pet power brushes, they use the crevice tool and dusting brush. However, the other attachments were not the same. Namely, Shark DLX NV70 takes advantage of pet hair power brush and upholstery tool. Meanwhile, Shark Navigator NV80 makes use of a premium pet tool with a wide upholstery tool and 16 “extension tube.

The Price

Shark NV70 vs NV80 both have outstanding features. In addition, their prices also surprise many people because they are quite low. With less than $ 200, you already own a multifunctional Navigator vacuum cleaner. In addition, a 5-year warranty is also included when you purchase these products.

Shark NV70

Shark NV80


Shark NV70 vs NV80 both make users happy with the features they have. Despite having high customer ratings, Shark NV70 still outperforms a bit and receives more positive feedback. You can consult a lot of information on their web to make a good choice.