Shark NV751 vs NV752: Which is Best Shark Rotator?

Shark continues to be the topic today. It is a major brand, owns many high-quality vacuum cleaners, and is a formidable opponent to other brands. Therefore, people often pay much attention to this brand by actively producing and creating great tools. In recent times, many people have requested comparison and review Shark NV751 vs NV752. So what is the best product and worth buying this year?. Furthermore, it is guaranteed to deliver many good results when people use them. So, learn about these two vacuum cleaners to contribute to the options you want to buy.

Shark Rotator Upright Vacuum NV751
84 Reviews
Shark Rotator Upright Vacuum NV751
Shark NV751 is so excellent with Powered Lift-away for working in two modes. Moreover, it applies Never Lose Suction to keep suction well and continue that is good for cleaning.
Shark Rotator Upright Vacuum TruePet NV752
7,974 Reviews
Shark Rotator Upright Vacuum TruePet NV752
Shark Rotator NV752 TruePet has a great filtration system through the contribution of Anti-Allergen Complete Seal with a true HEPA filter. Nevertheless, this item gets many LED lights on two sides of the cleaning head for illuminating dark areas.

Shark NV751 vs NV752 Overview

Both are quite versatile and stand out from thousands of other products, regardless of brand. These Shark Rotators are always effective thanks to the beautiful, convenient design as you see. From there, the features also make it easier to clean your house in the shortest possible time.


They has many similar designs with different colors. Shark NV751 comes in rose gunmetal color, and Shark NV752 comes with a Bordeaux finish. They all have convenient LED lights located in the cleaning head for lighting to help users detect dirt. The handle is quite convenient when it comes to the top button controls for fast fingertip control applications. Also, the largest body contains a motor that is suctioned. Furthermore, the dust cup is also quite large and holds a lot of dust and other particles. In particular, it has a HEPA filter and foam filter behind the filter grill.


Both show everyone their portability and versatility. In a moderate salary, enough for everyone to keep in hand long. Besides, to move well on the floor and carpet in the form of upright, wheels are a great support tool. The Powered Lift-away will help you lift the canister neatly and tidy up places like stairs. Furthermore, you can see that these machines can rotate the wand maneuverable with a swivel steering.

Shark NV751 vs NV752 Comparison

When looking at how they work, you can see the two are similar at some point in the design, work mode, and technology. Along with that, different points also appeared. It includes the deviations in size, energy, and attachments.


  •  Both adopt the Powered Lift-away to become 2-in-1 machines. They let you use upright forms on floors and carpets. Then, you can transform both into a more compact form, a lift-away canister. Also, it has 3-floor options for a bare floor and other kinds of carpet for a suitable working way.
  • They are both extremely flexible on the floor and carpet even though they weigh over 15 pounds. It is thanks to the arrangement of additional wheels from Shark. Besides, this brand also provides a swivel steering to make it easy to rotate the wand to reach every corner.
  • These items stand out from most other products thanks to their LED lights. They work actively by lighting in low-light places so people can suck up dirt. Besides, they use the Never Lose Suction to provide strong enough suction for the dust’s suction. You also no longer worry that the suction may disappear or be disconnected.
  • These items also utilize the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal to remove the allergen, known to be allergenic. The HEPA filter and foam filter also help dispose of the dirt, pet hair that the machine sucks in and keep it in the dust cup. They have a sizable dust cup and can hold more than 3 quarts of dirt. Both the dust cap and the filter are reusable by cleaning with water.
  • Since the buttons are on the handle, you will find it convenient to use the fingertip control. Besides, both take advantage of the Power motorized brush and dust-away hard floor attachments for floors and carpets.


  • Shark NV751 is a rotator upright vacuum with a powered lift-away with full-size performance going with an XL capacity dust cup. Shark NV752 is an optimized upright vacuum for TruePet, coming with a powered lift-away feature for easy home cleaning when owning a dust cup. There is enough flexibility of 0.88 quarts. Shark NV751 makes a difference in the big dust cup. In comparison, Shark NV752 is perfect with a pet hair removal feature.
  • Both weigh about the same at 15.4 pounds, But you can easily see them by differences in color and size. Specifically, the Shark NV751 has a rose gunmetal color, and outer dimensions are 13.15 x 11.89 x 45.04 inches. The Shark NV752 will be available in the Bordeaux color, and the overall dimensions are 13.2 x 11.9 x 45 inches.
  • Shark NV751 uses a power cord up to 30 feet to transmit energy to the motor and move wider with 1 plug. Meanwhile, Shark NV752 has a power cord 25 feet long enough to move anywhere in the house. Moreover, Shark NV751 uses a 1200 watts power rating motor, while the Shark NV752 has only 1150 watts. There is not too much difference between the power cord and motor capacity, though. But in this case, the Shark NV751 still dominates the Shark NV752.
  • The attachments you get when you buy these two products are pretty much. You will see that they all have a pet multi-tool, 12″ crevice tool with an upholstery tool, pet power brush, and hard floor genie. However, they also have many more to work more effectively. Shark NV751 makes use of a dusting brush and dusting genie. In this case, Shark NV752 uses TruePet mini motorized brush instead.

The Price

They are both competitively priced with a difference of just $10. They belong to an average price range of around $300 per item. However, Shark NV752 has a substantial drop of up to $100, so you get the best price. Also, both include a 7-year limited warranty for the users.

Shark NV751

Shark NV752

Final Tip

Right, both received much positive feedbacks from customers. In terms of price, Shark NV751 is the right choice. However, Shark NV752 has a significantly higher customer rating, working more efficiently on pet hair. Hence, you can refer to this article to make the right decision.