Shark NV771 VS NV803: Comparison and Best Reviews

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Now, many machines make people’s lives better with various functions. One of these machines is a vacuum cleaner which is very useful for everyone, especially those who have less free time for this job. It is a lifesaver with the people who are lazy in doing housework and are not strong enough to do it themselves. Therefore, many people are buying this item to limit housework and save time for other activities. When people go to buy a vacuum cleaner, they will see so many kids that they don’t know what kind is good. After searching, “Shark” is the most noticeable name among brands. This brand’s products divide into many lines that is Rotator, Navigator, Ion… Therefore, this post will help you get a great option when choosing with Shark NV771 vs NV803.

Shark NV771 vs NV803: Comparison And Review

Both is favored by many customers in the world with a high rating. They are two of the best ones in the Shark Rocker line through many excellent functions and features. The sale number of them still increases day by day and get a lot of pretty comment on Amazon. Most users believe in what Shark gives to them. Of course, Shark NV771 and NV803 must have some weaknesses and strengths to attract many people to buy and use them. In this post, we’ll dig into their features to make clear “Is it really good as Shark has advertised”. To know more, please stay tuned and follow entire the post with high concentration.

Shark NV771 Reviews

Shark NV771 is one of the useful machines for carpet and hard floor as many people reviews. It is so easy to assemble, to use, and to clean after completing the work. The suction power in this item is strong enough for all the cleaning session. This unit also comes with DuoClean technology to eliminate the bad particles out of the floor for making this surface clearer. Moreover, its design has a series of LED lights that you can make use of cleaning under low-light condition places. Sometimes, the dark areas make you not able to see the dust lying on, so you are easy to miss. With this product, you don’t have to worry that dust can stay on the floor for a long time. Especially, there have the best technologies of Shark like AACS and HEPA filter, Swivel steering, or big-size dust cup. So flawlessly!

Shark NV803 Reviews

Another Shark DuoClean was launched with modern techniques and beautiful designs – Shark NV803. Like the NV771, it is also capable of cleaning up dirt and large objects on hard floors and carpets. It helps find and pick up the dirt that is deep in the depths that you can hardly detect. Besides, this device also helps hard floors become slippery, clean after removing the dirt on the floor. Even dirt and small objects are difficult to survive long in the slits in the floor. It also owns a duo dust cleaner, while filtering dust for a fresh, airy space. Especially, swivel steering helps you control the movement of the vacuum cleaner, ensuring a moderate speed for easier cleaning. Furthermore, Shark also mounts for Shark NV803 many LED lights to serve customers using the vacuum cleaner anytime, anywhere. With these features above, this item is worth receiving many positive compliments.

The Design

Unlike other couples, you still find it easy to which one is which kind. They are not exactly alike, so it’s not hard to understand when it’s easy to tell them apart. The former looks smaller and thinner as compared to the NV803. Also, color plays important role in making them stand-out. While the NV771 comes with black (mainly) with red, the NV803 is available in Bordeaux. Both are connected with Lift-away technology, making the simple design more diverse and convenient. This makes people pay more attention because the design makes them interested in the ability to separate parts. It will make the cleaning more effective and gain the best results after using it.

The Portability

They has a great design like this information above. Some people comment that this kind of design is convenient for the preserve, protect, store, and even use. Besides, weight does not reduce it attractive because it is quite light to carry. According to the information that Shark provides, Shark NV771 is 2lb lighter than NV803. You may notice this if you like a low-weight vacuum cleaner. Weight sometimes affects the portability of the machine. However, the Lift-away technology available in both machines has reduced the distance between them that the weight created. Every nook and cranny, easy or difficult, is not a problem for them. This technology helps you confidently clean areas that are out of reach or tight. Also, the powerful assistance from the Swivel steering makes many people happy about their portability. It is worth considering, isn’t it? I’m sure it is yes.

The Cleaning Performance

This part will be the main criteria for all people who are curious about the way two vacuums work. These products attract a lot of attention of users on the market today. Here, I will reveal to everyone the strengths and weaknesses that exist in these two products.

Comparison of Tables

  • Everyone all knows two models possess Never Lose Suction that is very special. This technology can help you freely clean with being worried about losing suction. It maintains this strong power from start to end and no stopping in the middle of the session. Plus, it also saves much time to users when they work.
  • Another thing that many people are interested in is the connection of AACS technology and HEPA filter. They create great power to blow away all dirt as well as purify toxic substances from the air. According to the statistics, the ability to clean their dust up to nearly 100% makes more people feel secure. This feature makes many people impressed and they want to buy them for your family members who extremely hate allergen.
  • One more time we talk about the Lift-away feature again. It generates some useful attachments like a brushroll with two soft rollers for this task. They work in harmony with each other to knock off the dust and large debris for a clean surface. Through this mode, you can make your housework easier by removing canister to clean the hard-to-clean or tight and high place. Moreover, you cannot miss any floor or elevate surface with these great items.
  • DuoClean technology also is one of the attractive points for gaining many customers. The bristle brush is convenient for making dirt get out of the carpet. In other cases, the soft brush collects the large objects and dirt for bright and clear hard floors. The combination of them with make you satisfied and want to own one immediately.
  • The included headlights will help you work in the places with the low condition in lightning. These lights make the cleaning place have enough light for you to complete the task well.

The Price

In reality, the price of them is quite expensive for some type of people, especially low-income people. The reason is that it gets so many modern and useful technologies and it is worth this price. It’s expensive, but it’s still acceptable and almost everyone can own one. Prices are only around $200 and the NV771 is lower priced so it’s easier to buy than the other.

Shark NV771

Shark NV803

Feedback of Shark NV771

We can say that DuoClean technology catches many user attentions for Shark NV771. People agreed that this vacuum is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Besides, the Lift-away function just adds more greatness to this fantastic cleaner. However, people are not happy with a few attachments. These attachments still have some shortage to meet their demand.

Feedback of Shark NV803

Although the Shark NV803 is higher priced, it still attracts more customers with its excellent quality. Shark specific technologies appear in it. As a result, many customers commented that it worked very smoothly, running smoothly that they enjoyed. Some people love AACS technology and HEPA filter because of its incredible capabilities. It creates a clean atmosphere like an air purifier, very versatile, and convenient. However, this product is still a bit heavy according to the reviews of many users.

The Conclusion

I will end my comparison and review between them here. In general, they are not much different in cleaning performances. Both are multiplayers as they can deal with various surfaces with the DuoClean feature and also HEPA filtration system and Lift-away mode. If we talk about attachments, the NV771 comes with fewer accessories.