Shark NV801 vs NV803: What’s the Difference?

Shark Clean is a brand that is not too strange to everyone. It works well on all surfaces. However, because the designs are so diverse, the prices are spread across many levels, so they do not know which one to choose. That is why our article about Shark vacuums is here to serve you. Today, we will be comparing ourselves to two other products Shark NV801 vs NV803. Please follow the article and research this information to choose the right product.

Shark DuoClean NV801
122 Reviews
Shark DuoClean NV801
Shark NV801 will make you surprised at Duoclean technology that composed buy dual brush-roll. Nevertheless, Fingertip control extends to convenience in control of the cleaning setting.
Shark DuoClean NV803
2,150 Reviews
Shark DuoClean NV803
Shark NV803 provides the effectiveness filtration with HEPA filter. Except purifying air, it can take the canister out to hold by hand and remove dust well.

Shark NV801 vs. NV803 Overview

Both of these items have an attractive and sophisticated appearance. It carries the traits that Shark still applies to its products. Furthermore, the flexible design also increases the portability of the two.


Like many other products, the design both inside and outside the Shark NV801 vs NV803 has many interesting points. Both have an upright pose that prevents you from having to bend over much while working. They also use cords up to 30 feet long to move them through larger spaces. Besides, Shark arranged many LEDs to keep the task of illuminating dark areas indoors. Furthermore, these models can easily detach canister for cleaning stairs or ceilings or on the sofa. The inside is specially fitted with a relatively large-capacity motor to create a strong suction force with a perfect, versatile filter system. The slack also has a wheel and applies a swivel steering for better movement on surface types.


In addition to the sophisticated design, we can’t ignore the portability of Shark NV801 and NV803. With a lightweight, users can pull and push them comfortably. Besides, the lower wheel reduces weight as well as creates extremely smooth movements. They also apply a swivel direction in the opposite direction or run more maneuverable. Therefore, you will have the freedom and freedom to clean any area without spending a lot of energy.

Shark NV801 vs. NV803 Comparison

In this section, I will list and analyze the similarities and differences of both these vacuum cleaners. They are almost the same in design, weight, motors, filters, and technology. Besides, the difference also comes from design, other technologies, and colors with the attachments.


  • They are all initially upright in relative height, so you don’t have to lower yourself to clean up. They use wires with perfect lengths – 30ft – for further travel and less need to change sockets. Alternatively, you can detach the canister to clean more areas with the Powered Lift-away technology. With one hand holding the canister, the other holding the head for cleaning – it’s easy and convenient to clean stairs.
  • Next, they use anti-allergen complete technology to shorten dust and allergens for users. Furthermore, it helps to change the atmosphere from dusty to airy. You can freely enjoy a good atmosphere and not scare of suffering allergic symptoms.
  • These two products also use DuoClean technology to handle fine dust and large debris on floors and carpets. Also, the fingertip control quickly changes the carpet cleaning mode to the floor and vice versa. Both of these features help to make the cleaning complete well and effectively.
  • Moreover, the items with a wheel and a swivel steering wheel support fast and smooth movements. Besides, LED light helps to light up places where light is needed so that no dust is left out. Besides, the dust cup is up to 0.9 quarts in width to hold more dust and pet hair. Therefore, you can limit the times you have to empty it to continue working.
  • Last but not least, both models weighed just 14.5Ibs with the 11.77 x 11.93 x 46.14 inches. This is not a big number, very light and compact for you to store in a small space. Many people are interested in this feature.


  • Shark NV801 is a powered lift-away vacuum series featuring 2-in-1 with duo clean technology that works best on carpets. Meanwhile, Shark NV803 is a standard 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner with two powered lift-away and duo clean technologies that excels at handling well with dual action.
  • Shark NV801 vs. NV803 has an overall weight of 14.5 pounds. But, Shark Duoclean NV801 has a smaller capacity with wattage 750w and amperage 9.5. Meanwhile, Shark Duoclean NV803 has a larger capacity of 1150 watts and an amperage of 9.2 Amps. Of course, the Shark NV803 will have its own advantages comes to low noise with 9.2 Amps while carrying a larger capacity.
  • They still differ in color on the outside. While Shark DuoClean NV801 stands out in red, Shark DuoClean NV803 stands out for cinnamon. Although the design with the same indicators, colors help users identify the type of device they are interested in.
  • Plus, Both Shark NV801 vs. NV803 come with tools attached: under appliance wand, the pet multi-tool, and the duster crevice tool. In this case, Shark DuoClean NV803 will prevail by possessing an additional pet power brush and accessory bag. Although there aren’t many such attachments, DuoClean Shark NV801 adds ultra-quiet technology and triple particle cleaning.

The Price

The price also makes the difference between Shark NV801 and NV803, around $ 70- $ 90. Shark NV801 will be more affordable with fewer accessories. In contrast, Shark NV803 will be better optimized in terms of internal technology and comes with many accessories. Overall, This is a pretty good price if you want to own a versatile vacuum cleaner.

Shark NV801

Shark NV803

Final Thought

According to what we offer, Shark NV801 vs NV803 are powerful competitors in the vacuum cleaner market today. They are versatile when taking on a variety of tasks. Shark NV801 will win consumers’ trust with the basic needs of a family at a good price. However, Shark NV803 is a better choice for a long time and a bigger working capacity.