Shark Rocket HV300 vs HV302: Which Is The Winner?

Today, this article will refer to the two items that are Shark Rocket HV300 vs HV302. They are Shark products – a very famous brand in the market. Shark products are often beautifully designed, great quality at an affordable price. Therefore, many people have trusted to use vacuum cleaners from this brand. So, we will learn about these two vacuums to know the reason why Shark is a trustworthy brand. From that, you will have some new choice when you want to find a good vacuum for your house. Spend your time and you don’t regret after reading.

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV300
609 Reviews
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV300
Shark NV300 can create powerful suction for making good cleaning performance. Moreover, it is design can transform to give you 2 cleaning setting for getting best result
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV302
7,834 Reviews
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV302
Shark HV302 utilizes the Never Lose Suction technology with some brushes/brush-roll to remove dust and debris on the floor. Nevertheless, the handheld form is so excellent for reaching, standing, or storing after the quick transition.

Shark HV300 vs HV302 Overview

Both have many interesting points that you might notice from their design. They are all quite eye-catching and neat as Shark introduced. In addition, they also have features that you find can fulfill your needs.


Shark HV300 vs HV302 has a relatively similar design with two different colors. Shark HV300 is blue while HV302 is orange. They are all fairly lightweight, weighing less than 9 pounds. Furthermore, these items provide two modes of working with brush-roll attributed to two speeds. In addition, the motor and the dust cup were all neatly placed under the ergonomic handle. Especially, you can take advantage of the fingertip control thanks to the buttons on the handle. Especially, the filtration system makes sure to meet everyone’s needs in filtering and keeping dirt inside the dust cup and emitting clean air.


Shark HV300 vs HV302 both bring a lot of convenience from its flexible design. With two working modes like a stick and upright mode, you can choose according to your purpose. In addition, if you are afraid of moving these machines, wheels will help you with that. It makes them run softer and smoother. Furthermore, the swivel steering makes the head clean the maneuverable to reach every corner surrounding the furniture that normally types always skip out.

Shark HV300 vs HV302 Comparison

Shark HV300 vs HV302 are both outstanding Shark branded machines. They work extremely well on hard floors and carpets. In addition, these items also have many varieties and differences to help users easily choose and distinguish. They get similarity in design, technology with cleaning with or other points. Meanwhile, they have a slight difference in attachment, weight, and color with the physical dimension and power cord.


  • Shark Rocket HV300 vs HV302 comes with beauty on appearance as well as a lightweight in design. They just weigh under pounds with another great dimension to easily bring or carry around. This point makes many people feel comfortable to work without being tired.
  • Next, the items generate a strong and powerful suction to clear up all the dust/dirt, debris, and pet hair. This suction comes from a 500watts power rating or motor 4.2 amps. Besides, it is strong and continual for the cleaning session without interrupting.
  • Plus, they use brush-roll with 2 different powerful settings that work effectively. Moreover, they can change the cleaning modes through the transition to the type of floor. These modes come from the change of design that includes stick and handheld mode. Therefore, you can choose the way you want or you find it best.
  • Furthermore, Shark places some button control on the handle where is visible and easy to operate. You just press the button on the handle to do this task with fingertip control.
  • Moreover, the dust cup of the machines stays under the handle. It can contain around 0.42 quart and easy to empty after use. However, comparing with other types, this capacity is quite small so you have to stop working for empty many times.
  • Finally, although they don’t have a HEPA filter, they use air filtration instead with 2 washable filters. This depends on foam and felt air filter which includes pre-motor and post-motor one. They are washable so you can refresh them by using tap water.


  • In the first look, the color is one of the points to distinguish Shark HV300 and HV302. Shark HV300 is younger with blue color when the color of Shark HV302 is orange. They will be suitable for your style and your hobby. Besides, their weight is different although they are lightweight with under 10 pounds weight. Specifically, Shark HV300 weighs only 5.6 pounds. Meanwhile, Shark HV302 is heavier with 8.2 pounds and it is compact with 3.01 pounds in handheld form.
  • Besides, both of them are different when we talk about their dimension and length of wire. Shark HV300 is a bit more compact with dimensions 11.2L- 9.8W – 31.5H and possession the power plug length is 27 feet. In contrast, you will see Shark HV302 is bigger with a physical dimension of 10.5 x 9.8 x 46 inches, and the power cord length is 30 feet. At that time, the Shark HV300 had an advantage in storage and transportation.
  • Especially, Shark Rocket HV300 vs HV302 comes with the common attachments like dust-away hard floor attachment + 1 pad, dusting brush, and 12” crevice tool. However, each vacuum gets more with separate attachments to be different. Namely, Shark HV300 is better thanks to the presence of a wide pet upholstery tool. Meanwhile, Shark HV302 takes advantage of pet hair tool, pet multi-tool with a precision duster. The noticeable thing is that they use accessories bags to contain these tools for easy storage and delivery.

The Price

With such great quality, many people will be surprised by the price of Shark Rocket HV300 vs HV301. They are so cheap at around 150$ per one. Moreover, both vacuums will give customers 5-year limited warranty. In addition, if you have any questions about them, you can contact Shark customer service to receive the answer.

Shark HV300

Shark HV301


Looking at them, Shark Rocket HV300 vs HV302 is not too inferior to each other. However, even though they are good products when put on a scale like this, there are still many people wondering. Therefore, everyone can refer to the following suggestion. Shark HV302 receives higher reviews with many good compliments and feedbacks. Also, Shark HV300 comes with fewer stars rating and a number of customers. However, it is lighter and more compact than the other.