Shark Rocket HV301 vs HV302: Which Better Performance?

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Today’s confrontation will be two vacuum cleaner products from them. They are widely known as Shark Rocket HV301 vs HV302. Both are versatile Shark vacuum cleaners and have good looks. Next, they belong to the same Shark Rocket line – one of the modern and trendy lines of Shark. They have various and plentiful prices, so there are many choices for users. Therefore, these two products have many attractive points for customers. With Shark products, it will be difficult to criticize because they are very popular because they possess many special features. To get more information, people please follow and refer to the information below. Note again if necessary.

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV301
3,222 Reviews
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV301
Shark HV301 stands out with ultra-lightweight and awesome looking that are eye-catching much. Nevertheless, this item gets Never Lose Suction to make sure that the suction will have no problem when cleaning.
Shark Rocket Corded Stick HV302
7,834 Reviews
Shark Rocket Corded Stick HV302
Shark HV302 is so pretty when it owns a great looking and compact design with 2 cleaning modes. Besides, this model gives several attachments to contribute to the entire cleaning to get great results.

Shark HV301 vs HV302 Overview

Both of these products have attracted a lot of customer interest. With a neat and beautiful appearance, users have felt the eye. Moreover, from this design, they also show many highlights that make them want to explore and learn more.


The design of them looks quite unit price but has many highlights. They all come in the form of stick vacuums with a long wand. The handle is quite ergonomic and contains a button control. In addition, the lower part of the handle is the motor and the dust cup. Their dust cups are just right and can be removed to empty. The motor is located deeper to avoid impact and damage. In addition, the middle part of the handle and wand, between the wand and cleaning head, is interconnected. When you want to change the model or change cleaning tools, just remove the splice. It’s the quick-release foot pedal that both own. In particular, the filter system is still careful even though it does not use a HEPA filter.


They are both practical and highly portable. First of all, the ability to transform shape works quickly. They may work with an upright form or change into a handheld form for reaching higher. Besides, these vacuums are so flexible when they have swivel steering. This lets their cleaning head swivel to capture dust in the edges and corners around furniture. In addition, a two-wheel bow enabled these items to run nimbly on floors and carpets. In addition, you can take advantage of the fingertip control to change work modes with the simple operation of the button control.

Shark HV301 vs HV302 Comparison

These two products are guaranteed to bring many benefits to users through the features they own. The two share similarities in appearance, motor, and filter, among other factors. They differ only in weight, physical dimension, and attachments with reach.


  • Both weigh under 10 lbs, so you won’t get tired of carrying them on hand. Moreover, the slim, neat physique is very suitable and convenient to store. Also, it will not put much pressure on the cleaning surface. In addition, swivel head and wheels make them more maneuverable and run smoothly.
  • In addition, both are flexible between the two working modes upright and handheld. The conversion is quite easy and does not take much time. You can adjust it yourself to suit each area you want to clean. As such, it will improve work efficiency, while saving time.
  • The noticeable thing that they have the same cleaning nozzle that has a rotating brush. This is useful for you when cleaning on bare floors or low/medium-pile carpet. There is a slight difference when they handle high-pile carpets with thick area rugs, but they just need more pass to solve.
  • Plus, both own great air filtration systems without using a HEPA filter. Instead, they use foam and felt ones to detach the dust and allergens and keep in the dust cup. These filters are washable so you can empty and clean with fresh water after use.
  • Nevertheless, these models stand out with a 30 feet long power cord. It means that both can extend the space and move larger when working. Moreover, with only one plug, you can be comfortable to clean the large house. Therefore, the power cord brings some benefits to users thanks to its length.
  • Especially, they are excellent with a motor that powers 500watts and 4.2amps to generate suction through the power cord. Moreover, Never Lose Suction will control and maintain the suction in the strong and continual status of the cleaning. From that, there will have no loss of suction or interruption.


  • Shark Rocket HV301 is an ultra-light vacuum corded bagless have gray / orange with an overall weight of 7.6 pounds, while the Shark Rocket HV302 is a stick vacuum corded bagless color Orange /gray which weighs 8.3 pounds, and the handheld weight is 3.1 pounds. The Shark HV301 is lighter than the Shark HV302. Of course, this will be a big difference between the two lightweight products coming from Shark.
  • Moreover, Both physical dimension the same with 10.5 x 9.8 x 46 inches with a 0.42 dry quart capacity of the dust cup. However, the cleaning path width is different when Shark HV301 reaches 10 inches that are longer than 8.5 inches of Shark HV302. Therefore, Shark HV301 is slightly better.
  • In addition, Both uses similar attachments like dusting brush, pet hair tool, or 12” crevice tool. Moreover, they also own dust-away + 1 pad, accessory bag, and pet multi-tool with wall mount. However, they add more attachments to be different. Namely, Shark Rocket HV301 gets under-appliance wand when Shark HV302 utilizes precision duster and detail kit and zipper pound.

The Price

Both has quite an impressive price tag. They only cost around $ 150 per item. In addition, you also get a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. This price has changed, and it is lower than the price since the last change. So, you need to update the information to be able to buy at the best price.

Shark HV301

Shark HV302

Final Tip

In general, They are provide the same convenience as customers expect. However, to be honest, the Shark HV301 has many more positives and highlights even though both are 4.6 stars. Moreover, its price is also lower, and the price is stronger than Shark HV302. Therefore, you should think more to make the right choice.