Shark Rocket HV301 vs HV321: Which one the best?

With these achievements, Shark is confident to be the brand that brings the belief of clean and beautiful houses in a short time. This is the brand that has provided a lot of vacuum cleaners to the market with standard quality. Therefore, the number of customers is increasing and promoting this brand’s name. So today, we will continue to introduce the vacuum with two representatives, Shark Rocket HV301 vs HV321. These are the two products that fall under the Shark Rocket line that offers many of the convenience you would expect. To learn more about them, please read through this article.

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV301
3,222 Reviews
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV301
Shark Rocket HV301 utilizes the flexible design to work with a stick as well as a handheld shape. Moreover, this item takes advantage of swivel steering to go deeper so maneuverable under furniture.
Shark Rocket DeluxePro HV321
441 Reviews
Shark Rocket DeluxePro HV321
Shark Rocket HV321 comes with two rows of LED lights on two sides for illuminating the dark sides.  Furthermore, this model gets a detachable tool which estimates to hold up 2 tools for easy working and storing.

Shark Rocket HV301 vs HV321 Overview

Eye-catching, modern are words to refer to these vacuum cleaners. They are designed to be extremely trendy and still ensure to provide all the necessary features. In addition, the design flexibility and convenience, which the user sees them, can be operated effectively.


Shark Rocket HV301 vs HV321 are convenient stick vacuums with buttons on the handle. In addition, they all use a power cord with a relatively large length. In addition, the filter system is the filter that can be washed many times for reuse. This will save you money when using. Furthermore, the motor and the dust cup sit underneath the handle, in the removable dust cup to clean, empty. In particular, the floating links are easy to use to replace with other attachments. At that time, they can take on many jobs that are beyond customers’ expectations. However, Shark HV321 alone has LED lights for easy cleaning in dark places.


First, Shark Rocket HV301 vs HV321 is very versatile with a relatively small weight, super light. They are all under 10 pounds so it’s not difficult to carry or handle them. In addition, they can be quickly transformed to accommodate each cleaning area, and are easier to move. Furthermore, a combination of wheels and swivel steering is a great idea. They will take advantage of the smoothness and agility of the wheel when moving to squeeze into the corners below the furniture. The wand part connected to the cleaning head can then rotate gently for deeper cleaning. Both of these items also utilize the fingertip control with the quick-release foot pedal to adjust work modes.

Shark Rocket HV301 vs HV321 Comparison

Both are Shark Rocket vacuums with many similarities such as flexible design, efficient filter with a powerful suction motor. Additionally, they differ in attachments by weight – colors, and lights.


  • Shark Rocket HV301 vs HV321 are both super lightweight products with 2-in-1 designs. You just need to use a few simple tips to transform their shape. The stick form comes in handy when you’re working with floors and rugs, while the handheld does handle the taller area. Furthermore, wheels and swivel will assist in moving and deep cleaning within narrow loading areas.
  • Next, a fingertip can help you to change the working mode to suit the cleaning surface. Shark has arranged the control buttons above the handle for your convenience. In addition, the quick release foot pedal is easily removable to replace with another attachment.
  • Plus, these items have a fairly long power cord with a length of 30ft. Then, moving will be more comfortable compared to vacuum cleaners with short wires. In addition, the power cord will transmit power to the motor with 500watts and 4.2amps to create a strong suction force. To distribute and adjust this suction power, Shark sets the Never Lose Suction to maintain that power and let it transmit continuously during the cleaning process.
  • In particular, both do not use HEPA filters and are other filters that can be washed over and over again. As a result, you will save money by washing them with clean water then let dry for more than 24 hours.


  • Shark Rocket HV301 vs HV321 has an obvious difference in color and weight. Shark HV301 is orange/gray and weighs 7.6 pounds and measures about 10.5 x 9.8 x 46 inches. Meanwhile, the Shark HV321 is a lavender color, weighing up to 8.6 pounds and the larger size is 10.24 x 13.39 x 47.24 inches. From there, you can see that the Shark HV301 is a bit smaller for easy storage. However, Shark HV321 gets a multiple-storage with a detachable tool clip.
  • In addition, Shark HV321 stands out with a dust cup with a capacity of 0.69 quarts. Meanwhile, the Shark HV301 dust cup holds only 0.42 quarts. In this case, you can understand that Shark HV321 will hold more dust and particles than the other. Moreover, this item has more LEDs with other tool clip that is detachable to hold 2 tools.
  • Moreover, these Shark Rocket HV301 vs HV321 vacuum cleaners also use a brush-roll garage with dust-away + 1 pad, pet multi-tool. In addition, Shark HV301 is rocket ultra-light has an additional crevice tool, pet hair tool, and under-appliance wand. In contrast, Shark HV321 is a rocket DeluxePro ultra-light that makes use of the pet/upholstery tool with a duster crevice tool.

The Price

The price that Shark offers to sell Shark Rocket HV301 vs HV321 is different cheap. It’s only about $150 with not much difference. In addition, like other products, you also get warranty packages that are up to 5 years. Any questions you can contact Shark customer service for answers.

Shark Rocket HV301

Shark Rocket HV321


At this point, you will understand why we are offering these two products to you. They are really versatile and yet affordable. Each vacuum cleaner has its own advantages that you should consult. Shark HV301 has many shortcomings but is cheaper and is well received with many compliments. However, Shark HV321 has more impressive points that many people want.