Shark S3501 vs S3601

Shark S3501 vs S3601: Which Is The Winner?

Many ones now is very curious about the creativity of the Shark brand whenever it launches new models. If you take some time to look at this list of best Shark vacuums, you can see its variety ranging from any kind of modern cleaner. Undoubtedly, Shark is one of the big names in the market. It has built and kept its throne for decades. The brand offers an innovative line of steam mops which is one of its best-seller series. To enrich my collection, today we will learn about Shark with two items: Shark S3501 vs S3601. Both of them belong to the steam mop line without the use of harmful chemicals – just ordinary tap water instead. Shark steamers are well-known for lightweight and ergonomic design. They loosen dirt while sanitizing the floor and not leaving a smell. Let’s dig in and see whether Shark S3501 and S3601 work with their functions and feature.

Shark S3501 vs S3601: Comparison and Review

It’s always hard to choose when you’re shopping online, right? I know how confusing it can be to shop for a new product amongst a market of hundreds of similar patterns. Here I am to make the job easier for you. I’ll guide you through which product is best for your needs and budget and help narrow down your search.

Shark is a well-known brand on the market today with the ability to catch the trend quickly. Therefore, its reputation has surpassed many competitors to become an enterprise that attracts a large number of customers. Moreover, the Shark steam mops help you to start cleaning in a few minutes or less, depending on the types of products you use. Shark S3501 and S3601 are two great options for people who have pets and children around because it just uses tap water. Let’s go into the details for more knowledge.

Shark S3501 Review

Like other Shark’s machines, Shark S3501 comes with a compact and lightweight design that is easy for cleaning hard floors. Its design lets you flip the head over to use both sides of the reversible pad with great. Therefore, you won’t have to change pads midway through your cleaning job without interruption. Besides, the swivel handle can move easily backward and forwards and from side to side when working. Moreover, the compact head helps to reach into small hard-to-reach places that you usually miss with the normal machines. Additionally, the steam action lets the microfiber pads lift and collect dirt. At this part, the pads are washable for reusing them instead of buying new pads each time you clean. Nevertheless, its floor steam mop has a 20-foot cord that is enough if you have lots of tiles to clean. From that, you have an option to choose after study about Shark S3501.

Shark S3601 Review

Shark S3601 offers professional cleaning and sanitizing services for doing its job. With intelligent steam control, this item can provide superior sanitization for your house. The users can receive enhanced cleaning services through the patented steam pockets. These let you deep clean within a few minutes but the floor still looks as good as new. Moreover, the mop gives all of the users an improved professional cleaning for all hard floor surfaces in the house.

Another great thing is that Shark S3601 has three steam settings to solve all kinds of cleaning problems. At first, Dust setting aims to light cleaning. Then, the Mop setting allows for regular everyday cleaning. The last one is the Scrub setting offering tougher or more difficult situations when cleaning. After that, the mop is able to target and resolve any sort of cleaning by user orders. Therefore, Shark S3601 is great enough for you to get it.

The Design

The Shark S3601 has some similarities with the Shark S3501 in terms of appearance. First of all, the difference in color is the most noticeable thing. While the Shark S3501 comes with a light purple color, the Shark S3601 has the color of silver. Speaking only of color scheme, I prefer silver which looks stunning and elegant. The machines are designed with the handle on top, which provides users with convenience and assurance. However, there is one difference between the handles of Shark S3501 and S3601. The S3501 comes with a telescopic handle that allows users to adjust the height; whereas, that of the S3601 can’t extend.

The Portability

Both Shark S3501 vs S3601 have a sleek, lightweight design that is easy to use and operate. Their weight is pretty similar, about 4.8 pounds. Therefore, you won’t have any problems relating to dragging them around your house. Also, the dimensions are the same, 12 x 5.9 x 51.2 inches. This facilitates the cleaning procedure as you don’t have to bend over while guiding the machines. Especially, the mop head can rotate 180 degrees to reach corners and maneuver along the walls.

The Cleaning Performance

It is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to vacuum machines. If Bissell steam mops didn’t impress you, let’s see whether Shark ones can turn the tables.

General Features

  • The main principle of steam mops is that they will produce steam. The Shark Steam Pocket mop use only plain water that produces a super high temperature which is claimed to sanitize on everything and kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs without dangerous chemicals. This is seen as a convenient and economical approach with regard to the use of steam and power. The units are able to deliver the right amount of steam within 20-30 seconds after being heated up.

The Difference

  • The different power used is also an indicator of the more powerful machine. The S3501 is 1,200 watts, while 1,550 watts on the S3601.
  • The big difference between Shark S3501 vs S3601 is that the latter features Shark Intelligent Steam Control that offers 3 steam settings depending on different cleaning needs and floor surfaces. The first mode is Dust mode that is great for sanitizing laminate, bamboo, sealed hardwood, and marble. It is good at light cleaning and losing dust. The Mop setting is for normal cleaning of small messes and ideal for sanitizing sealed hardwood floor, tile, stone, and marble. The last one is Scrub mode which is used to remove heavy traffic areas and the most stubborn dust. It is perfect for tile, stone, linoleum, and hardwood. Meanwhile, the S3501 has no various steam setting. You only have one choice of pumping the handle in a downward motion to release super-heated steam.
  • Between these two, the Shark S3601 has a bit larger water tank compared to that of the S3501, 450 ml (15oz.), and 500ml (16.9oz) respectively.
  • The most important one is the patented Shark Steam Pocket technology. Both of them are designed with this feature which provides two-sides cleaning with every pad. You can clean with one side and then flip to keep cleaning and sanitizing with no pads change. The combination of the patented Shark super-steam system and high-quality microfiber that increases the working efficiency of Shark S3601.

The Price

Both of them come at a very reasonable price, around $100 or less. They are an ideal choice for those who have a tight budget but still want to own a quality vacuum cleaner.

Shark S3501

Shark S3601

The Shark S3501 Feedback

Up to 53% of customers on Amazon rate 5 stars for Shark S3501. Many people praised the convenience and amazing cleaning capabilities. Also, most 5-stars voters agreed it was lightweight and very easy to use. However, you can’t expect an all-rounded machine at that price. People found it weird and inconvenient whenever they had to pump the handle to get steam.  Another minus thing is that the water tank can hold 450 milliliters not removable. Therefore, you have to bring the water to the steam mop as well as pour it into the tank.

The Shark S3601 Feedback

The Shark S3601 is rated 5 stars by 62% of customers on Amazon. Most customers agreed that it worked fantastic on tile floors. It showed efficient cleaning performance. Besides, many users are satisfied because it really saves their pets or children. Moreover, it has a sleek, lightweight design for easy using and operating. Especially, you can move it 180 degrees to reach any corners and maneuver in difficult areas. Nevertheless, its three settings give the flexibility to choose the kind of cleaning they require to clean. It works very efficiently and deep cleaning and sanitizing of the floor surface that makes customers satisfied. Yet, one disappointed is mostly about “not enough steam” as they expected.

The Conclusion

With that price and quality, I still recommend you should give it a try. Shark S3501 vs S3601 have improved greatly in comparison with traditional mops within the same brand or other rivals’. In my opinion, I’ll choose Shark S3601 with the variety of steam setting,s and the ability to provide you steam constantly is a plus point.