Shark S3501 vs S3601: Which Is The Winner?

A steam mop is one of the home cleaning methods that anyone can do. It is applicable in the steam mop cleaner that many manufacturers pay attention to when manufacturing. It is suitable for cleaning and sanitizing floors and carpets in the house. You may be interested in Shark because this brand is famous and reputable in manufacturing machinery. In addition to vacuum cleaners, steam mop cleaner has also contributed to building and improving people’s trust in the brand. Therefore, in this article, we would like to mention two Shark products recognized by many customers after they hit the market. These elite steam mop cleaners are the Shark S3501 vs S3601. To see what they can do, don’t hesitate to read this whole article.

Shark S3501 Handheld Cleaners
12,275 Reviews
Shark S3501 Handheld Cleaners
Shark S3501 is great for sanitizing and freshening on the floor and some kinds of carpet with 3-lever steam control. Moreover, it stands out with a swivel head to mop around and fingertip control to adjust quickly.
Shark Professional Steam S3601
353 Reviews
Shark Professional Steam S3601
Shark S3601 is excellent with a swivel head and 3-lever steam control for convenience sanitizing the house. Nevertheless, this is very well for removing the dust and debris that hard to pick up on the floor with no harsh chemicals.

Shark S3501 vs S3601: Overview

This steam mop vacuum is the no 1 option to clear the house with no harsh chemicals. Besides, they get so many functions to do the housework well through the improvement and creation of manufacturers. Therefore, many users are delighted with the machine they buy with high versatility and flexibility.


Shark S3501 vs S3601 is bright with a simple design, but it is unique from other kinds. They have a convenient grip, a very sturdy and compact grip. Thanks to that, users can comfortably pull-push as well as adjust the direction of the machine. In addition, they have a long body so that they do not tire when working. The cleaning head has pads for two-way cleaning, extremely convenient and fast.
Moreover, the cord section is a moderate length to clean a large area in the room. In particular, there is fingertip control on the camera body so that you can efficiently operate quickly with such versatile items. In addition, you also get more equipment bundled to make the most of their capabilities.


Shark S3501 vs S3601 is quite flexible and convenient that many people love and use a lot. These items all have a swivel head for a comfortable opening in every corner. Moreover, they do not use harsh chemicals to clean up at all. This way, you will have more peace of mind when the floors and carpets are protected and will not cause damage or corrosion. In addition, these versatile machines move pulses in moderation, so there is less need to change sockets. It is also their advantage, whereby the features are apparent. That is why customers choose these models, so the products are selling well despite the large number being launch on the market.

Shark S3501 vs S3601: Comparison

They are all excellent options for those who require a multi-purpose steam mop cleaner. They have many of the same functions as several points of design, cleaning capabilities cleaning mechanisms. However, apart from that, they also differ in tank capacity and cleaning mode or weight, color, and power rating.


  • Shark S3501 vs S3601 are similar shapes with long and robust bodies but significant in the middle. The handle is not different because they are equally convenient. Users are pretty satisfied to use them because they are small, easy to grasp and apply force when working.
  • In addition, they have connected to a power source thanks to a long power cord. You reduce the number of socket changes, which saves more time. They are suitable for small and moderate rooms so you can consider this factor.
  • Furthermore, these items have a rather large body due to the dust tank inside. In addition, they also take advantage of this position to set the fingertip control through the control buttons. As a result, users can operate more efficiently and control the work more carefully.
  • In addition, their dust tank is relatively large with XL capacity. Therefore, people can use it for a long time and easy to empty and clean after use. Both have intelligent steam control for cleaning indoor surfaces. For this reason, you let the steam mop cleaners work so freely and are extremely satisfied.
  • The remarkable thing is that these mop steamers utilize the swivel cleaning head to reach many narrow areas. Additionally, they include washable pads for multiple uses to eliminate unnecessary costs.


  • First, you can easily recognize Shark S3501 vs S3601 thanks to its exterior colors. Shark S3501 measures about 51.2 x 12 x 5.9 inches with a light purple color. Meanwhile, Shark S3601 is pristine with white color despite the same size. Additionally, they slightly differ in weight, with the Shark S3501’s 4.87 pounds and the Shark S3601’s 4.85 pounds. So, if you like any color, you can choose the right product.
  • Next, they all have Xl capacity water tanks, but there is a difference. The Shark S3501 has a tank with a capacity of about 15oz, while the Shark S3601 has the larger one with 16.9oz. Therefore, the Shark S3601 will hold plenty of water to aid in cleaning. Moreover, owning a 22ft long power cord is more dominant than the 20ft power cord of Shark S3501.
  • Plus, they have motors with a sizable power rating with the Shark S3501’s 1200W compared to the Shark S3601’s 1550W. Also, the Shark S3501 does not use electronic steam control, so you must pump its handle. Only then can you continue to create steam.
  • In addition, these two products have many accompanying devices, such as washable pads with filling flask and rectangle mop head. Moreover, Shark S3501 has a convenient quick-release swivel cord wrap that is quite convenient. Meanwhile, Shark S3601 has a triangle mop head with an optional carpet glider. In addition, it also has an additional 3-lever steam control for you to use more conveniently.


The price of Shark S3501 vs S3601 is relatively low compared to other devices. They cost less than $100 with a 1-year warranty. So you can choose the right product or hunt for the sale to get the best price.

Shark S3501

Shark S3601


Low price, high quality, and beautiful design are what Shark designed Shark S3501 vs S3601. However, the Shark S3601 stands out a bit more than the Shark S3501. It possesses advanced technology with a 3-level steam control and a larger tank and power rating.