Shark SV1100 vs SV1107: Which one the best?

If you follow our articles, you will notice that Shark is a topic that is frequently talked about. This is a brand pursuing the career of manufacturing high-quality machinery and equipment to serve the needs of users. It has released a series of products that have been tested, upgraded and tested thoroughly before reaching the hands of consumers. We can give for example Shark SV1100 vs SV1107. These are two products in the Shark Rotator line with the ability to clean as expected. They combine all the details in a fine way for the quick end of the house cleaning while still ensuring the house is clean and beautiful. Therefore, they are very competitive with other brand products at a very low price. Therefore, people read this article to see the great things about them and to have more choices when buying.

Shark Rotator Freestyle Cordless Stick SV1110
85 Reviews
Shark Rotator Freestyle Cordless Stick SV1110
Shark SV1100 is a skillful Shark Rotator with a swivel steering that helps deep clean the entire indoor area. In addition, Shark equips it with the XL dust cup to limit the time it takes to empty during work.
Shark Rotator SV1107 Freestyle
20 Reviews
Shark Rotator SV1107 Freestyle
Shark SV1107 is the elite product from Shark Rotator with its vibrant color and flexibility. Besides us, they also have features like large dust cup, LED lights ... also make users happy.

Shark SV1100 vs SV1107: Overview

These are two of Shark products that have high order volume with lots of feedback. These vacuum cleaners have many outstanding features that customers really need. Moreover, they are very eye-catching with compact design as well as the details connect well with each other.


Shark SV1100 vs SV1107 is light with small weight so users will not be afraid. In addition, you can take advantage of the upright mode to easily move the machine. In particular, the battery replaces the power cord so there is no problem. Furthermore, the dust cup is quite large to accommodate more things, thereby shortening the number of times and the time it takes to empty the unit. Additionally, these products have a washable filter to handle all of the dirt inside. As a result, dirt is not blocked internally and does not affect the suction that the motor generates. In particular, the overall is both harmonious and neat, so customers love them.


Shark SV1100 vs SV1107 of Shark Rotator line is designed with upright shape with wheels. Both items can move smoothly on surfaces with a lighter weight than other items. In addition, they are no longer entangled when using the battery instead of the power cord with a relatively long working time. Thanks to that, you are not afraid to carry it around the room to clean or suck in a large space with few outlets. Moreover, the dust cup is detachable and easy to refresh after use like their filters. Nevertheless, the indicator light helps to reveal the situation of the machines for doing the best solution. It is this convenience that enables them to gain reviews from their users, making them a good choice for consumers.

Shark SV1100 vs SV1107: Comparison

These are machines with the same Rotator series, so you will find many interesting points from them. Both have the same appeal in terms of structure, working mode and charging time. In addition, for consumers to easily distinguish, they show the difference in color, weight and type of battery in use with operating time.


  • Shark SV1100 vs SV1107 are excellent Shark Rotators with super compact upright format. With a moderate body, you can comfortably control the vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, wheels are added to make the machine run more flexibly. In addition, swivel heads gently rotate to fit to vacuum in tight places despite this entanglement
  • Next, Shark set them to two modes with high and low speed setting. Thanks to that, the user can choose the option to set the best results. In addition, both of them removed the power cord and used a good type of battery to replace with a long working time. After use, it needs to charge up to 7 hours with initial use but needs full charge in about 4-7 hours. On top of it, it has an indicator light to indicate battery status to perform necessary steps.
  • Plus, these products all have XL dust cup with a capacity of about 0.66 quarts. Plus, their cups are transparent so you can empty them if they are full. In addition, the enclosure is washable for quick and careful filtration and dust removal.
  • They also have a motorized brush for easy sweeping of dirt on the floor and carpets. Also, when you buy this product you get an extra 1 year warranty from the manufacturer with good maintenance.


  • Shark SV1100 vs SV1107 has a weight difference of about 3 pounds. Specifically, the Shark SV1100 weighs about 7.2 pounds with dimensions of 10.5 “-9.8” -46 “, while the Shark SV1107 is a heavier product with 10.44 pounds with white / gray while Shark SV1107 is brighter with white / red. Therefore, some customers who like to be gentle can choose Shark SV1100, and like beautiful colors, choose the other one. This is also one of the factors that help users to be less confused when these two machines are equally good quality.
  • In addition, these Shark Rotators are also different in battery. Shark SV1100 has rechargeable batteries with precision charge. In this case, Shark SV1107 stands out with extended runtime battery technology, so you can find this item a bit more efficient. Moreover, Shark SV1100 can work in 17-24 minute when Shark SV1107 can do in 15-21 minute when brush on-off.


Shark SV1100 vs SV1107 are not quality products at an expensive price point. Their prices are quite low with over $ 100 that you have a vacuum cleaner with 1 year warranty. Moreover, during sale-off times, you can buy at the best price with more offers from the manufacturer.

Shark SV1100

Shark SV1107

Final Tip

Shark has been very sophisticated when creating extremely convenient products for consumer at the most affordable prices. In which, Shark SV1100 is a fairly light weight product with a flexible cleaning head to pick up all the dirt. In this case, Shark SV1107 stands out with its beautiful design but brilliant with the relatively large dust cup.