Shark SV1106 vs SV1107: What’s the Difference?

Shark always creates products that make consumers feel satisfied when receiving and using them. This brand specializes in the manufacture and distribution of modern machinery and equipment. It has built a reputation for itself by focusing on quality and a way to sell it at the best price. In which, the vacuum cleaner is a best-selling item with a series of top-rated products. We have to mention Shark SV1106 vs SV1107 – the models’ customer hits after launch. From the features to the function, they buy instant because they behave as they want. If you do not know or wonder about them, please follow this article to reinforce your knowledge.

Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106
12,275 Reviews
Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106
Shark SV1106 is a product that is appreciated for its features such as lightweight, beautiful appearance, and versatility. Furthermore, it is also highly convenient with cleaning modes to utilize the suction in the most efficient direction.
Shark Rotator Freestyle SV1107
20 Reviews
Shark Rotator Freestyle SV1107
Shark SV1107 shows its versatility through the division of working modes as well as cleverness in tight places. In addition, it has LED lights for lighting as well as indicator lights to indicate its status.

Shark SV1106 vs SV1107 Overview

These products are in different lines, but all possess many features and features with similar uses. They have a beautiful form and structure that showcases many of the features that come with work. These points all make users enjoy when taking advantage of it for housework


Shark SV1106 vs SV1107 will make you happy with their structure. Both are equipped with many details that are both beautiful and convenient to work better. They have a vertical form but are relatively neat, not bulky like the old machines. Furthermore, there is a transparent dust cup to see the amount of dust inside to empty at full. Furthermore, the critical part is the filters that can wash for convenience without extra storage. In addition, they take advantage of the Ni-MH battery to provide more power for the cleaning process. Thanks to that, the working time is guaranteed and a pretty long time to clean the whole house. Therefore, users are attracted to such superior features from these two blood-sucking types of blood.


Shark SV1106 vs SV1107 both pay attention to shapes because it also affects their portability. The upright shape with good height is quite suitable for users to pull here and vacuum in the best condition. Also, the weight is relatively light, so that you can lift it with no problem. Looking down, the head clean is small, low to gently slip below the furniture with a swivel steering wheel. Along with that, there is also a control button to adjust the operating mode. They are divided into high-speed and low-speed settings to be suction power suitable for cleaning surfaces. In particular, they also have a blue led light to indicate the remaining usable battery for you to align accordingly. For the above reasons, many customers want to use them immediately because they are so convenient.

Shark SV1106 vs SV1107 Comparison

Shark always wants its products to be perfect and efficient in the hands of consumers. These two products are tested and designed as carefully as possible. You can see the similar design and structure of the parts together with the working mode. In addition, they show the difference in color, weight as well as the model and working time – charging.


  • Shark SV1106 vs SV1107 has an upright format, does not use a power cord like previous vacuum cleaners. As a result, it employs a high-capacity motor that generates good suction and is suitable for the above settings. Besides, they are both lightweight and have two working modes, including high and low-speed settings.
  • Next, both have wheels to run well on the floor and carpet with a clean top swivel steering for flexibility throughout the area. Plus, they use Ni-MH and come with a blue led light to notify you about the battery so you can charge it when it runs out.
  • Furthermore, these items have a transparent dust cup but can hold up to 0.64 quarts. These are XL size cups, and many people want to reduce the time it takes to empty. Furthermore, combined with this set are good quality filters. In addition, these units receive an additional 10 “nozzle for further reach and cleaner cleaning.”


  • Shark SV1106 vs SV1107 has a difference in weight with the color difference. Specifically, the Shark SV1106 is gray-white and weighs about 7.5 pounds with the dimensions of 10.5 “by 9.6” by 46 “, while the Shark SV1107 is somewhat more prominent with red and white despite weighing about 10.44 pounds.
  • In addition, Shark SV1106 has a swivel steering so that it is more maneuverable when working, while Shark SV1107 will have a pivoting head. Moreover, although using a Ni-MH battery, the charging time is slightly different. Shark SV1106 needs to be charged at initial use for 7 hours and up to 4 to 7 hours to charge fully.
  • Meanwhile, Shark SV1107 sets about 6 hours in initial use and about 3-6 hours for full charge purposes.
    Moreover, in addition to charging time, the working time is also slightly different. Shark SV1106 can last up to 12 minutes when brushed on and 17 minutes when brushed off. With the modes listed above, Shark SV1107 works around 17 to 21 minutes.
  • In particular, Shark SV1106 belongs to the Shark Navigator line, while Shark SV1107 belongs to the Shark Rotator line. However, both use a motorized brush for increased suction power.


Price is the factor many people want to know that Shark SV1106 vs SV1107 is relatively cheap. Each type is only over $100, so users do not worry about short of money to buy. In addition, they all come with a one-year warranty so that you can use and store them with care from the brand.

Shark SV1106

Shark SV1107

Final Tip

Shark SV1106 vs SV1107 belongs to two models but still uses the good features installed by Shark, but each type has its good point. The Shark SV1106 is lighter in weight and has a relatively long working time. Meanwhile, Shark SV1107, although heavier with less charging requirements, still has a long time working.