Shark UV440 vs NV352: Which is Better Choice?

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Currently, there are many types of machines to assist people in cleaning the house. People used to use a broom to sweep dust, but it was ineffective and time-consuming. However, nowadays, there are many vacuum cleaner products to do this job quickly and make you less strenuous. Therefore, many people have successfully searched and bought the right products. Among them, we can mention Shark UV440 vs NV352 under Shark Navigator. They are high-quality products from the reputable Shark brand that has a considerable number of visitors. Moreover, both are easy to assemble and use with many great functions. To better understand how they operate and why they are so popular in the market, stay tuned.

Shark Navigator UV440 Lift-Away Deluxe
12,275 Reviews
Shark Navigator UV440 Lift-Away Deluxe
Shark UV440 is better at cleaning and vacuum on every swivel steering in the cleaner head. Moreover, this Shark Navigator gets a long power cord to cover and reach higher and further.
Shark Navigator NV352 Lift Away Upright
12,766 Reviews
Shark Navigator NV352 Lift Away Upright
Shark NV352 gets a large dust cup to contain the dust and particle for release after being packed. Nevertheless, you will have a brush-roll shutoff, an excellent tool for refreshing carpet and floor.

Shark UV440 vs NV352: Overview

Both beautiful and quality products are always attractive to consumers. These two products both have this feature, so many people are satisfied and willing to buy them. They take advantage of all the details on the device to represent the functions that Shark installs. From there, you no longer have to wonder much about them.


Both is attractive from design to operation. They are 2-in-1 machines capable of cleaning every corner. These Shark Navigator vacuums have a reasonably long power cord with a hose, so both can expand space quite simply. In addition, the filtration system is carefully cared for, so it works positively to achieve the required results. Furthermore, the filter also works in harmony with the dust cup to filter and hold dust, then pour away quickly and without getting your hands dirty. In particular, the high-quality motor helps to transmit energy into powerful suction pumps for cleaning. As such, their features are quick to reveal, and from that, you will find which one is better to pick up.


High Portability and convenience are the great functions of them. These products take advantage of two types of work to reach every corner and collect dust with ease. They have both the help of wheels and a swivel head to make cleaning heads softer in the upright form. Also, for added versatility, these items have an additional Lift-away function for complete cleaning. Still, it would be best to lift the canister, which is quite gentle and easy to do. In addition, everyone knows that Shark’s vacuum cleaner is usually low and small to keep the shirt close to the location below the furniture. Therefore, these models certainly do not disappoint you when possessing such features.

Shark UV440 vs NV352: Comparison

You have briefly grasped the features and features of these two products. However, many people are still curious about what kind will suit them. After research and research, we found that the two are structurally similar, with modern technologies with machine operations and filtration systems. In addition, the difference in weight/color, attachments, and the length of the power cord and motor.


They are the ideal height for users to feel comfortable leaving them upright. Furthermore, wheels “vanish” their weight to dash across the floor and carpet. The cleaning head is a unique design to go deeply inward and rotate thanks to a swivel steering wheel flexibly. When needed, lift the canister with Lift-away technology to continue with the stairs and ceilings.

In addition, they utilize brush-roll shutoff to cope with floors and carpets most effectively. Furthermore, they have a relatively solid and stable suction thanks to Never Lose Suction – one of Shark’s famous technologies.

Furthermore, both stand out with their washable filters and HEPA filter. In addition, to handle allergens, Shark has added an Anti-Allergen complete seal for best results. Furthermore, this filtration system surrounds the dust cup about 1.2 quarts wide so that dirt does not fall out.

Plus, these Shark Navigator vacuums will give you a 5-year limited warranty to check and fix if needed. Therefore, you can preserve your machine with this service or ask some questions and get these answers from customer service.


Both have deep tones with the gray of Shark UV440 and lavender of Shark NV352. Furthermore, there is a big difference in weight so many people will choose the lighter one. Specifically, the Shark UV440 weighs up to 15.96 pounds and is relatively large at 14.96 “L – 11.42” W – 45.47 “D. Meanwhile, the Shark NV352’s size is 15” L x 11.4 “W x 45.5” D. . In addition, Shark UV440 also owns a maximum power cord with 35ft while the power cord of Shark NV352 is 25ft.

Next, their motor is different from the 500W power rating of the Shark UV440 and the 1200W power rating of the Shark NV352. In addition, these models utilize a variety of tools, such as the dusting brush or crevice tool. However, Shark UV440 employs 12 “crevice tools, an extension wand with a small pet power brush, and an onboard tool holder. In this case, Shark NV352 is more versatile with a 5.5″ and 24 “crevice tool and comprehensive upholstery tool.


Products like they are selling in large quantities in the market. Their prices are not high, even relatively cheap compared to the general premises. However, the cost of the Shark NV352 is slightly higher, with a difference of about 50-60 $. You can note the Shark sale-off times to get the voucher or discount at the best price.

Shark UV440

Shark NV352


Both models received a lot of honest and positive feedback from consumers. Shark UV440 is cheaper with useful tools but is relatively heavy. Meanwhile, the Shark NV352 is higher priced, but the quality is better with a lighter weight. Recently, many readers have emailed us.

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