Shark UV450 vs HV321: Which one the best?

Shark is still a topic that is not boring for readers. This brand has always created and manufactured the vacuum cleaner they need. Their quality is always at the top with many modern, trendy spots with diverse prices. Therefore, customers are always eager for articles about Shark vacuums to research and buy good products. Therefore, we send you another two items belonging to the Shark vacuum collection – Shark UV450 vs HV321. They receive the quintessence and modernity that Shark accumulates and applies to its products. Please also read the article to learn useful information about these two vacuum cleaners.

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light UV450
186 Reviews
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light UV450
Shark Rocket UV450 is convenient with both stick and handheld form for easy cleaning. Nevertheless, this item also gives several types of attachments for doing various jobs.
Shark Rocket DeluxePro HV321
90 Reviews
Shark Rocket DeluxePro HV321
SharkNinja Rocket HV321 is excellent with good filtration for making the atmosphere cleaner. Besides, it is better at moving with a long power cord and wheels that are so effective.

Shark UV450 vs HV321 Overview

These vacuum cleaners have many interesting features to create a high level of public awareness. They create their own reading from their own design. Moreover, it is highly portable to achieve the highest cleaning efficiency.


Shark UV450 vs HV321 all have great points in their sophisticated design. Shark UV450 is blue while Shark HV321 is the gentle lavender color. They have neat handles but the UV450’s is a bit smaller. The motor and dust cup is placed under the handle. The dust cup is removable to have cleaning after the finished job. When emptying to keep the cleaning process you just need to open from the bottom to pour dirt. Besides, they use washable filters located on the front and rear of the motor. In particular, you can take advantage of the light from LED lights to collect what’s left. Through it, we see that the design of these two vacuum cleaners is very meticulous and has a standard arrangement.


Shark UV450 vs HV321 are both highly regarded for their portability and versatility. Both have a flexible working mode between stick and handheld for the user to use with each position. Moreover, being lightweight also makes carrying or transporting faster and easier for everyone. In addition, wheels run extremely well on both the floor and the carpet for you to pull comfortably. It incorporates a swivel head to comfortably go deep into the gaps under the furniture. They are all very harmonious and great in these products.

Shark UV450 vs HV322 Comparison

In this part, we can know more about the characteristics and features of these two products. They are similar in terms of design, cleaning modes, and suction control. In addition, they differ in the attachment, weight-color, along the dust cup area.


  • Shark UV450 vs HV321 are all lightweight, and Shark classifies them as super light. Therefore, you can understand that lifting it and holding it in hand is completely easy and without fatigue. That is the advantage of these same vacuum cleaners, earning instant points compared to bulky, heavy machines.
  • Additionally, both of them can split the clean up into two parts with the stick form for the floor and the handheld form as an overhead area. It is thanks to the rapid transformation from its design. You can also disconnect connections on the machine for additional access to dedicated attachments.
  • Plus, there are quite a few nifty points that continue to show in their design. Despite their lightweight, they still possess additional wheels for easy movement with a swivel steering wheel. Thanks to that, you can also slide the cleaning head into the under furniture area to remove dust and dirt. In addition, taking advantage of the fingertip control by adjusting the button control on the handle is extremely convenient and easy to do.
  • Next, the filter system includes the pre-motor with a post-motor filter. They are both washable, washable after you finish the job. After that, you just need to dry for more than 24 hours to continue using. Thanks to these operations, you will not need to spend more money.
  • In addition, these models have support from LED lights. It is extremely effective when working in dark or low-light places. Thanks to that, comprehensive cleaning is quick and easy, saving more time. Furthermore, a 30ft power cord is enough to clean the whole room with fewer plugs with an 8.5” width cleaning path. In addition, both have the addition of Never Lose Suction to control and keep the strength and continuity of the suction for cleaning.


  • Shark UV450 is elegant blue while HV321 is gentle with Lavendar. Both Shark UV450 vs HV321 are super light as introduced. However, the Shark UV450 is bigger vs heavier at 10 pounds. Meanwhile, the Shark HV321 is lighter and more compact with 8.6 pounds and the same dimensions as 10.24 x 13.39 x 47.24 inches. In addition, Shark HV321 also stands out with a larger dust cup with 0.69 quarts compared to 0.47 quart of Shark UV450.
  • I have more attachments in both types of vacuum cleaners to do more work. Specifically, they both use the dust-away attachment + pad dedicated to the hard floors. In addition, Shark UV450 utilizes additional tools such as 2 washable pads, a multi-angle brush, and a bare floor nozzle. In this case, you can receive a pet multi-tool, pet/upholstery tool, and duster crevice tool when owning Shark HV321.
  • Shark UV450 vs HV321 also works great on the hard floor and carpet that you are waiting for. Furthermore, Shark UV450 is a rocket deluxe that can present well on the bare floor. In other cases, Shark HV321 is rocket deluxe pro expensive but gets specialized tools for hard floors. From here, you can see the upgrade Shark applies between these two products. Therefore, Shark HV321 will be a little bit better in quality.

The Price

Shark UV450 vs HV321 are all versatile vacuum cleaners, but they are quite cheap. Their price is only about 50-70$. Furthermore, when you purchase them, any defects or errors are warranted for 5 years from the manufacturer. In addition, you also receive support from the Shark customer care center.

Shark UV450

Shark HV321


Shark UV450 vs HV321 can both complete the task perfectly, saving money and time. However, to choose one, many people will wonder. The Shark UV450 is cheaper but its dust cup is smaller and weighs heavier. The Shark HV321 is lighter in weight, a bit bigger in dust cup capacity, and slightly higher in price.