Shark UV810 vs NV803: Which one the best?

Shark is one of the prominent brands in the market today. It is very well known in the field of manufacturing cleaning machines. Its products bring superior technology and satisfy all customers with it. These products are welcome on e-commerce sites, electronics supermarkets, or retail outlets. We cannot ignore Shark UV810 vs NV803. These are two typical products from Shark that this article covers today. Please also follow to the end of the post to learn interesting things about them. You will get more information about these products to choose the one you like.

Shark Navigator UV810 DuoClean Speed
273 Reviews
Shark Navigator UV810 DuoClean Speed
Shark Navigator UV810 is a good steam cleaner that works for many purposes to meet all the demand of yours. Moreover, this item will supply you with many attachments to support the job with high efficiency.
Shark NV803 DuoClean Standard
2,150 Reviews
Shark NV803 DuoClean Standard
Shark NV803 DuoClean Powered Lift-Away helps to clean your house with the best capability through great functions. Besides, you will receive powerful suction to refresh all the surfaces and areas you have to remove dust and pet hair.

Shark UV810 vs NV803 Overview

These Shark Navigator vacuums are special products that many people care about and use. They have many attractions and especially a superior cleaning ability than many other competitors. You will see the pretty feature from their design at first. From that, they show you what they get and show their portability.


Shark UV810 and NV803 have different colors to let you easy to distinguish. Shark UV810 is beautiful in grey with red color when Shark NV803 is sweeter with cinnamon. They both come with upright form first with an ergonomic handle that locates the control button. Moreover, Shark gives you the way to turn these items into another compact form through a lift-away canister. In addition, LED lights to have the tasks give dark areas light for easy cleaning. Along with that, the filter and motor inside are important factors that operate them well. Especially, they are corded with a long power cord and a large dust cup as well. With these features, you can see other things like their portability or flexibility with great design.


Portability is one of the most important factors that people always care about when searching for a vacuum cleaner. This contributes to show how well and convenient it works. Fortunately, Shark UV810 and NV803 come with a high level of portability. People can deliver them well with the effectiveness of wheels. These wheels let them move excellent on carpets and floors that don’t waste your energy. Besides, the swivel head is so flexible to make them more maneuverable for reaching all the edge or corner in tight areas. Moreover, it gives 3 preset cleaning modes through their flexible design. You can lift-away the canister for being well in vacuuming and carrying.

Shark UV810 vs NV803 Comparison

Each vacuum has its own features and Shark UV810 and NV803 are no exceptions. They gave many similar things from design, filtration systems with other technologies. Moreover, the difference between them is also noticeable that talks about color and weight, attachments with the power rating, and kind of vacuum.


  • Shark UV810 and NV803 are lightweight cleaners that many people like much thanks their design. This is great to deliver or move this from A to B easily with no pain. These items also give you two kinds of shapes for adapting to surface cleaning. Besides, you will get 3 preset cleaning modes, so you can choose the suitable mode when cleaning.
  • To make you decrease their weight, Shark installs two wheels for running well. Moreover, swivel steering let them maneuverable when facing with the areas that are tight or under furniture. In addition, power control stays on the handle that you can see and use quickly and conveniently.
  • Furthermore, you can see these Shark Navigator vacuums own a long power cord with 30ft. Along with that, their cleaning path is also outstanding with 8.5 inches in width. Thanks to that, you can make the job become versatile and get more space to clear up so simply.
  • Especially, they can make use of many advanced technologies that Shark always applies to its products. Specifically, DuoClean technology with two different brush-rolls (soft and tough) supports to sweep out every dust and debris. Moreover, Powered Lift-away is successful to make their design flexible and create a new shape for cleaning well.
  • We cannot deny the effectiveness of the filtration system. It includes a great anti-allergen complete seal plus a HEPA filter to shorten and erase the allergen in the air. Therefore, the air becomes fresher and clearer for allergic people.


  • Firstly, there has a small gap between Shark UV810 and NV803 in weight. When Shark UV810 is only 14.5 pounds, Shark NV803 just weighs a bit heavier at 15 pounds. It just affects a bit of its movement but it is inconsiderable. Moreover, Shark UV810 comes with grey/red color when the color of Shark NV803 is cinnamon. You can take one that you feel like it.
  • Next, these models use Never Lose Suction technology with the aim to maintain strong and powerful suction. As Shark announced, Shark UV810 takes advantage of the motor with 1150W and 9.5A power rating when that of Shark NV803 is 1150W and 9.2A. Also, Shark UV810 is well-known as a shark navigator duo clean speed. In this case, Shark NV803 is outstanding as a shark duo clean standard.
  • The next factor we want to share is about attachment. Shark UV810 vs NV803 get the same tools: duster-crevice tool, under-appliance wand, and pet power brush with an accessory bag, pet multi-tool. However, Shark UV810 adds more Flexi crevice tool with precision duster tool.

The Price

Shark UV810 and NV803 are both quite good if you want to buy a cleaning machine at a reasonable cost. To be able to buy a cleaner from Shark, you only need to click on the product link below to check the exact price and get many incentives as well as the convenience. They will give you a 7-year limited warranty to fix and change a new one depending on the errors. Therefore, you should consider choosing them to suit your home.

Shark UV810

Shark NV803

Final Verdict

In brief, Shark UV810 and NV803 get many great compliments from a customer that proves their high quality. If you don’t know how to choose the better one between them, please choose the products at the best price.