Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator Light Not On

Why is shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on and how to fix it?

Nowadays, household chores become easy thanks to the rapid development of modern technological appliances. A cleaning appliance that many users love is the Shark vacuum cleaner. However, this appliance still poses some challenges for users. One common issue is that the shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on. Do not worry because we can solve this issue easily as tips below.

1. The Way The Brush Roll Indicator Light Works

First, we need to know some information about the brush roll and how it works. The Shark vacuum is the best vacuum which has formidable cleaning capacity. Its main weapon to combat against dirt is its efficient brush roll. It is also called an agitator. A brush roll is activated through the rotation at high speed so as picking up dirt.

People make the Shark’s spinning brush roll with the highest capacity in order to invade the carpet deeper. Besides, people install the indicator light in order that users know whether the brush roll is working properly. In case, the brush roll is working correctly, the indicator light is green. In other words, when the light is illuminated green, the brush roll is functioning properly. Meanwhile, it is red when the roll is jammed or the shark vacuum is overheating.

Sometimes, the shark vacuum lights blink. However, it is not an issue because it means that the battery charge is running low or being charged.

2. Why Is The Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator Light Not On?

To solve this issue, we have to know the reason why the shark vacuum brush roll indicator light is not working. There are some possible causes:

The Shark Vacuum Cleaner Is Not Turned On Correctly

Turning on the vacuum cleaner seems to be simple. However, in fact, many users experience this issue and think that the vacuum cleaner is malfunctioning. Therefore, make sure that the vacuum cleaner is plugged into the outlet on a right way and the On Switch is on.

Moreover, there are two power switch modes corresponding to two cleaning modes: the suction mode and the brush roll mode. To use the brush roll mode, make sure that the switch is in the right mode. If you do not activate the proper switch, the shark vacuum indicator light will not on.

The Loosely Attached Nozzle

Another possible cause for the shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on is the loose nozzle. We need to properly attach the nozzle to the brush roll to function. If the nozzle is loosely attached, it is not able to deliver the power to the brush roll. This is a common problem which many users usually overlook.

The Brush Roll Is Blocked

Another possible reason is that the vacuum brush roll is blocked. Sometimes, the vacuum brush roll is jammed or clogged. In this case, instead of turning red, the shark vacuum brush indicator light will not turn on at all.

The Belt Is Broken

After ruling out all of the above causes, there is only one possible explanation for your shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on. It is that the driving belt of the brush roll is damaged.

3. How To Solve The Issue The Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator Light Not On

To solve this problem, do steps following:

First of all, check if the vacuum cleaner is plugged in properly and see switch settings. In case, you have a problem with starting or restarting the shark vacuum, reset the shark vacuum. Moreover, when the vacuum is overheating, there are no obstructions. Then, allow the vacuum to cool for about 45 minutes by plugging in and starting over again.

After resetting the shark vacuum, the indicator light may be not on. Then, check whether the nozzle is properly attached and fix any blockage to maintain the connection if needed. You can clear the blockage by cleaning the brush roll regularly. It helps to get rid of dirt and debris. To clear the blockage, first of all, you need to unplug the vacuum. After that, access the roll and remove anything blocking the movement of the brush roll.

Finally, you can contact the manufacturer in order to receive a repair service or replacement. Of course, you just can do that in case the indicator light is not on if the belt is broken. As you know, this belt is supposed to be a lifetime belt.

All the whole, the Shark vacuum cleaner is a wonderful cleaning appliance. It deserves all of the praise because of its powerful cleaning capacity. Even though sometimes there are still a few problems here such as the shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on. However, these problems are unavoidable for every product. Luckily, we can solve these problems effectively if we understand the way it works.

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